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The goal of your state or local government agency is simple: to make a positive impact on people’s lives. That means providing a police force that protects and serves them, safe roads and bus terminals so they can get to work, and clean, beautiful parks for them to enjoy. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Giving your community the facilities and the infrastructure it deserves is no small feat. Gordian is here to help.

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Summer Projects Start Now: A School Construction Checklist

Summer Projects Start Now: A School Construction Checklist

For grade school and college students, summer is a time to get away from the books and take a break from work. For school facilities teams, it is the exact opposite: Summer is the busy season, when the bulk of renovations, repairs and maintenance projects are completed. But the work starts now. Here’s what schools should do now to set themselves up for a successful summer.

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Job Order Contracting

Project Delivery That Saves Time and Controls Costs

When it comes to repairs, renovations and minor alterations, traditional construction project delivery methods can hinder progress. That’s why agencies across the U.S. access Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC). An alternative project delivery method, JOC empowers you to complete a large number of projects with a single, competitively-awarded contract containing preset prices for construction Tasks. That all adds up to faster delivery and greater cost control.

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RSMeans Data Online

RSMeans data: Reliable Construction Estimating Costs

Access to accurate construction costs is vital for budgeting and estimating projects — especially when resources are limited. You need cost data you can trust. Gordian’s RSMeans data has set the industry standard for construction cost accuracy since the 1940s. Today, the cost database contains over 92,000 unit line items, each researched and validated by a team of engineers and data scientists. We dedicate so much time and care into RSMeans data for one reason: to give you peace of mind.

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Facilities Planning

Measure – and Prove – Your Facilities Progress

Whether you need to build a data-supported budget, gain insight into the true conditions of your facilities or forecast maintenance needs, Gordian can help you take informed, decisive action to build a sustainable future. Gordian’s extensive suite of facilities planning solutions gives you all the objective insight, technology and trusted expertise you need to strategically manage your building portfolio.

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RSMeans Data Online

Custom Construction Estimating Data and Training

One way to minimize your agency’s overall construction budgeting risk is to improve your estimating accuracy. We provide a tailored solution to help you create precise estimates and ensure your agency doesn’t waste a dime. A team of our experts will evaluate your agency’s estimating practices on-site and deliver training based on your specific needs. We’ll show you how to use RSMeans Data Online to create, save and share estimates quickly, create reference links to custom data points and manage your life cycle costs.

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