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Provide Your Community With Safe Streets, Highways and Bridges

The impact of declining streets, highways and bridges goes beyond flat tires, cracked windshields and traffic jams. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, degrading surface transportation systems are on track to create losses in disposal income, employment and GDP. Gordian can help transportation agencies maximize their investments in streets, highways and bridges to keep commuters moving and the economy humming along.

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Ensure Your Community is Mobile

Our nation’s streets and highways are arguably the most critical public infrastructure to invest in and maintain, serving as the connector between employment, social, health and education services.

Gordian’s data-driven approach enables state and local entities to provide safe and reliable accessibility with an easier way to purchase construction work.

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Quick, Effective Disaster Response

When unexpected emergencies arise, it is imperative to act quickly to maintain connectivity and minimize disruption.

Find out why transportation agencies are turning to Gordian to come to the rescue for fast fixes and critical repairs with an alternative, streamlined project delivery method.

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Build Strong Infrastructure for Tomorrow

Healthy streets and highways are vital for our communities and the nation. Lingering maintenance issues threaten that health.

Gordian can help you efficiently tackle your deferred maintenance backlog and make the most of your maintenance budget.

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