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Introducing Gordian Cloud Platform

We understand the complexities of the building lifecycle and the challenges you face with disconnected systems and fragmented data. That’s why we developed Gordian Cloud Platform — a revolutionary experience that delivers critical capabilities and connectivity across the building lifecycle.

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Simplify. Connect. Empower. 

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Consistent and Accurate Data 

Driven by powerful automation, data science and our dedicated team of data engineers, Gordian Cloud Platform ensures that you always have access to consistent and accurate cost data. This solid foundation of reliable information is key to successful project planning and execution. 

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Insights and Intelligence

Data unification on Gordian Cloud Platform unlocks unparalleled insights, allowing you to identify trends and anticipate future needs. Make decisions with confidence, knowing that you have the full picture at your fingertips.

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Enhanced Collaboration 

Bring together key stakeholders effortlessly. Share critical insights and drive operations that are streamlined and consolidated. Gordian Cloud Platform is your space for collaborative success.

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Informed Decision-Making 

Our platform equips decision-makers, operators and project leaders with the right data and visibility, fostering informed choices and strategic investments.

With the Gordian Cloud Platform, you’ll enjoy a unified user interface that elevates your planning, estimating and procurement capabilities, all powered by the industry-leading RSMeansTM Data.

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