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Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Job Order Contracting (JOC) 1

What is Job Order Contracting?

An Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) construction delivery method that allows many projects to be completed through a competitively-awarded contract. This single-solicitation process enables projects to start faster and creates partnerships between project owners and awarded contractors, resulting in higher quality work. As the creator of JOC, Gordian has decades of experience implementing and supporting successful JOC programs. Contact us to learn more.

Job Order Contracting 101

Proven Benefits of Job Order Contracting

Arizona State University’s Del Webb School of Construction completed a study that found project owners report three main benefits of using JOC.

Federal IDIQ Contracts growing over time

Gordian Job Order Contracting programs are trusted by procurement professionals and facilities teams to purchase construction services efficiently and complete high-quality renovations, maintenance projects and repairs faster. The following project types are ideal for JOC. Flip the titles to learn more:

Routine, Straightforward Projects

Projects that can be scoped, priced and completed quickly.

Time-Sensitive Projects and Emergency Work

Work that must be done immediately.

Backlogged Projects

Complete backlogged projects or team JOC contractors with in-house staff.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

Keep up with MRO requests like equipment and systems maintenance.

Projects with a Fixed Budget

Complete projects with a fixed budget, like a state or Federal grant.

Replacement-In-Kind Projects

Replacement of an item without needing to change design specs.

Why Procurement and Facilities Professionals Turn to Gordian’s JOC Solutions:

Gordian’s award-winning JOC solutions offer a unique combination of accurate cost data, purpose-built software and unmatched industry expertise.

Accurate Project Price Proposals for Your Projects

A successful JOC project depends on an accurate price proposal. Under a Gordian JOC program, all construction costs are preset and published in our Construction Task Catalog® (CTC), a Unit Price Book of more than 275,000 construction Tasks. Each Task includes a detailed description, unit of measurement, unit price and, where applicable, demolition cost. The Unit Prices contain locally developed direct costs for material and labor. The CTC also includes technical specifications and general conditions that contain the specific language concerning the execution of the contract. Before a price proposal even reaches your desk, Gordian will review to make sure it aligns with the project scope, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Job Order Contracting (JOC) 1
Job Order Contracting (JOC) 2

Construction Spend Transparency and Control

Gordian’s Job Order Contracting solutions include access to a secure, cloud-based software that gives you all the tools you need to run a best-in-class program. Quality control measures ensure contract compliance and version histories create an accurate record of every price proposal. Easily collaborate with contractors using comments and highlighted line-item revisions, and set project milestones for a quick reference to your progress.

Experienced JOC Experts to Support Your Staff

Gordian has 30+ years of experience helping contract and manage construction services. We’ll help get contracts set up, perform contractor outreach, join site visits and review project proposals. This end-to-end program support supplements the experience and knowledge of your team, especially during peak construction seasons. That’s why Gordian JOC solutions are used to complete more than $3.77B in construction volume for more than 300 programs each year.

Job Order Contracting (JOC) 3

All Gordian Job Order Contracting Projects Follow the Same Proven, Transparent Process

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Gordian serves clients from vital sectors of the American economy. See what powerful solutions we offer your industry.

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