Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Build and Maintain Crucial Facilities and Infrastructure With Less Hassle

Build and Maintain Crucial Facilities and Infrastructure With Less Hassle

A fast, flexible way to purchase construction services

Job Order Contracting (JOC)
Gordian’s JOC solutions are powered by your customized Construction Task Catalog® (CTC), created exclusively for construction procurement. Your CTC contains local material, labor and equipment pricing for common Tasks, brands and specs.
Job Order Contracting (JOC)
You and your awarded contractors can manage Job Order workflow on Gordian Cloud, a collaborative online platform. The easy-to-use software is designed to meet JOC best practices and provide every Job Order with transparency, audit-ability and control.
Job Order Contracting (JOC)
Having created JOC in 1981, Gordian’s experience implementing and administering Job Order Contracting programs is unmatched. Visit our Job Order Contracting Best Practices page for our insights into what makes a JOC program successful.

Why use JOC?

JOC is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) construction delivery method that allows many projects to be completed through a single, competitively-awarded contract. This single-bid process enables projects to start faster and creates partnerships between project owners and awarded contractors, resulting in higher quality work.
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“It has been a successful program for us over the last 28 years, and we’ve used it for everything…with JOC, we’ve issued more than 3,000 work orders with a value of about $330 million.”

Francis Hoar   |   Administrative Director, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

When is Job Order Contracting a Good Option?

There is never enough time, never enough money or never the right people to complete your repairs, renovations and simple construction projects. Gordian’s Job Order Contracting solutions provide comprehensive data, robust software and unmatched industry expertise to help you maximize your resources and complete many projects with one competitively-awarded contract. View this infographic to identify the types of projects ideal for JOC.

What People Want to Know About JOC

Read answers to three of our most frequently asked questions. View all FAQs.

How does JOC work?

Job Order Contracts are awarded in compliance with your competitive bidding requirements and Unit Prices are established up front using localized labor, material and equipment costs. Awarded contractors apply a predetermined Adjustment Factor to the Unit Prices, so costs are controlled and projects begin faster. Once a contract is awarded, a standard process is followed each and every time a new project is identified.

How do I access JOC?

Whether you need robust procurement data and software to supplement your in-house expertise or you need a program implemented and supported from start to finish, Gordian has the right program for you. You can also access Job Order Contracting through national and regional cooperative purchasing networks.

Why should I become a JOC contractor?

With a Gordian JOC program, you have the potential for a reliable stream of work for a given period because you’re bidding on an IDIQ contract, not individual jobs. The single-bid process enables projects to start faster, which means less administrative overhead and more work for you and your team.

“I gave a report to our board of supervisors where we saved, in just one year, $3.5 million using the JOC program”

Mike Derr   |   Purchasing Officer, Monterey County

Gordian Cloud: Complete Online Access to Job Order Contracting

Run your entire JOC program in an intuitive software program. Discover more about Job Order Contracting on Gordian Cloud.

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