Job Order Contracting

A simple, streamlined, and cost-effective procurement solution

  • Time and cost savings
  • One-time contract bidding
  • Added transparency and control
  • Localized data
  • Price certainty
  • Readily available contractors

We want you to have the most efficient Job Order Contracting solution in place for any project. We know that procurement can be a lengthy and costly process, and there is always the challenge that there might be a staff shortage, time constraints, and difficulties understanding the legalities and complexities of procurement.Whether you’re working on renovations, upgrades, or new construction, our Job Order Contracting solutions allow you to put readily available contractors in place on a substantial number of projects with one, competitively bid contract. No more bidding the job separately. With a one-bid process, you can offer a better overall experience, begin construction faster and save money.

Job Order Contracting is a proven construction procurement process that is ideal for use on renovation and alteration work, responding quickly to emergencies, addressing a backlog of deferred repairs and straightforward new construction. Instead of dealing with the time and expense of bidding each project separately, with Job Order Contracting, the contract has already been competitively awarded for an indefinite number of projects, enabling contractors to respond quickly and construction to begin faster.


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Facility Owners and Managers

With our customizable Job Order Contracting tiered solutions, you can choose which tier works best for you. Whether you have expertise and don’t require any oversight, and want the data and software, or you have limited resources in-house and your project demands complete construction management, we have a solution that works for you.


Our Job Order Contracting solutions allow you to pair your knowledge with industry-leading procurement data and software to efficiently create proposals and work order packages.

When is Job Order Contracting a good option?

When should you use Job Order Contracting? View this infographic to help you identify appropriate and common uses of Job Order Contracting to procure construction services.