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Assess, Articulateand Advance Your Facilities Priorities

Healthcare facilities leaders must provide a continuum of care for their communities today while looking ahead to remain competitive in tomorrow’s demanding marketplace. Yet, given rigid facilities constraints, making balanced investment decisions and delivering on priorities is incredibly complex. Leaders must define and communicate a strategy for every decision.

The healthcare industry’s smartest executives, savviest operators and most diligent maintenance organizations trust Gordian to help them close data and communication gaps, facilitate decisions that deliver value and elevate patient satisfaction.

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Assess and Define the Conditions of Your Facilities Portfolio

It’s a tried-and-true adage that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Gordian’s Assessments and Capital Planning options help hospital and healthcare organizations measure what’s strategically important to them and pave the way to a brighter future.

How Hospitals Use Facility Condition Data to Generate Winning Investment Strategies and Long-Term Capital Plans Card

Securing financial resources and channeling them for maximum impact starts with collecting data that communicates needs and demonstrates the value of addressing them. This eBook explores how Gordian has helped healthcare leaders apply facilities condition data to establish a framework for decision-making and achieve greater investment control.

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Building Your Insights Inventory: How to Develop a Facilities Assessment Strategy Card

Not all assets carry the same strategic importance: The parking lot isn’t as vital as the cardiac wing. That’s why we’ve developed an array of facilities assessment options that enable you to take a flexible, strategic approach that matches your needs, your timelines and your budget. Watch this on demand webinar to hear more.

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A Canadian health ministry defined and communicated facilities risks to justify a

262% capital budget increase

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Balance Large-Cap Demands with Small-Cap Operational Projects

Facilities leaders know that routine, small-cap projects can have a significant impact on community health and the health of the business. Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) offers the power to complete more operational projects in less time and control costs.

Value-Based Construction: How Healthcare Facilities Can Maximize Resources and Complete More Projects Card

Download this insightful eBook to find out how Gordian’s innovative approach to construction procurement helps you accelerate time to construction in healthcare facilities and frees you up to ensure more visible large-cap projects stay on track.

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Managing Resource Scarcity in the Healthcare Industry Card

Every facilities leader has been asked to do more with less time, money and personnel. But as resources get squeezed, the project backlog balloons. This blog post takes stock of the industry’s slow-burning resource scarcity crisis and how care facilities can overcome it.

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Gordian’s Procurement Solutions

save an average of 6%

in construction costs

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Align Projects with Mission and Strategic Direction

At too many U.S. hospitals and health systems, leadership approaches facilities planning as a means to an end rather than as a strategic activity essential to achieving the overall mission and vision of the organization. Gordian’s Facilities Planning and Construction Procurement solutions flip that dynamic on its head.

Connecting Facilities Planning to Healthcare’s Mission and Long-term Vision Card

Read this thought-provoking blog post for practical advice about earning a seat at the decision-making table by connecting facilities planning with your organization’s long-term vision and making yourself an asset to the C-suite in the process.

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Collaboration, Data-Driven Procurement Creates Healthcare Space's Inspiring Transformation Card

When leaders at Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital wanted to build a nutrition hub so the whole city could eat a little healthier, they turned to Gordian to get the work done. The results speak for themselves: A multi-million dollar facility built with 30% minority contractor participation.

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In the last decade, New York City Health & Hospitals has completed

more than $175 million

in construction projects using Gordian’s Procurement Solutions

Gordian’s Building Intelligence™ Solutions empower healthcare organizations like yours to budget, build and maintain their capital-intensive physical assets. See how we can help you effectively manage the building lifecycle and change the future of care.

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