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Transparent solutions to keep your projects on budget and on time

We know that you have to answer to a wide array of people when planning your State and Local Government projects. We also know that stringent regulations, tight budgets, plus the need for transparency and a fear of audits can make procuring construction work incredibly challenging. At Gordian, we can help you alleviate the stress from this part of your job. Whether you need court room updates, office renovations, HVAC upgrades, roadwork, painting or everything in between, we have a solution to suit your needs.

With our efficient and accurate solutions, we can help you plan, prioritize and initiate construction work, enabling you to begin construction faster and save money. Whether your construction projects require a quick turnaround, or need to be planned years in advance, our data gives you the most current, accurate and localized data for planning and budgeting your next construction project.

Because of the nature of government agencies and oversight guidelines, we know that you might have some unique requirements that demand custom cost data research or engineering to support cost planning and management. We supplement our standard offering with custom cost data sets based on your building standards and specifications. We can also develop custom area cost factors or city cost indices for locations in the U.S. and internationally.


Solutions for State & Local

With our customizable Job Order Contracting tiered solutions, you can choose which tier works best for you. Whether you have expertise and don’t require any oversight, but want the data and software proposal package, or you have limited resources in-house and your project demands complete construction management, we have asolution that works for your agency.

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Access a combination of Gordian’s RSMeans data, RSMeans Data Online estimating software and expert guidance tailored for your agency. With RSMeans data, we give you access to a comprehensive and precise collection of labor, material and equipment data and associated costs that’s also easy to understand.

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For those that may not need their own Job Order Contracting program, we offer ezIQC, our contracting solution that is available through cooperative purchasing. ezIQC is a great alternative to traditional procurement, and still allows you to adhere to budgets and time constraints, review price proposals, issue quick POs and still satisfy local bidding requirements.

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Case Study

Middletown Boat Launch Installation


The city of Middletown, Connecticut came to Gordian because they had received a grant to install a walk-in boat launch, including site work, drainage and erosion controls, on the Coginchaug River.

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On Demand Webinar: Do More with Less (Really!)

Overcoming 3 Common Challenges in Local Government


This webinar explores three common challenges faced by those in city and county government and present straightforward and innovative ways to supplement the workforce, invest in new talent and engage with young people to improve the community and local infrastructure.

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