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Enhance Quality of Life with Well-Maintained Parks and Recreation Facilities

Gordian admires how Parks and Recreation Departments bring together residents from all walks of life and preserve local culture through land conservation and historic landmark maintenance. Across the country, parks leaders turn to Gordian for support in providing leisure, entertainment and recreational pursuits through nimble project delivery, highly detailed scopes of work and rapid project execution.

Rapidly Respond to Changing Community Needs

Rapidly Respond to Changing Community Needs

Serve the community with the agility to redesign project plans and reallocate budget with accurate preset pricing at your fingertips. Explore how.

Create Wondrous Outdoor Experiences

Create Wondrous Outdoor Experiences

Help residents enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors with streamlined construction project delivery and expert assistance. See how one city did it.

Preserve the Integrity of Your Community’s History

Preserve the Integrity of Your Community’s History

Keep local culture and history alive with customized, preset construction tasks and highly detailed scopes of work to match and preserve existing structures. Get more info.

Gordian has 30+ years of experience establishing construction procurement programs across North America, and every year, agencies trust us with over $3.2 billion in construction work. Our end-to-end program support enables our clients to make the best use of their resources and finish more projects.

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With over 22,000 hours spent annually researching and validating costs for construction materials, labor and equipment, you can rely on Gordian’s expertise to help you create the most accurate construction estimates possible.

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Gordian’s extensive suite of facilities planning solutions gives you all the objective data, intuitive software and trusted expertise you need to strategically manage your building portfolio. Whether you need to build a data-supported budget, gain insight into the true conditions of your facilities or forecast maintenance needs, Gordian can help you take informed, decisive action to build a sustainable future.

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“I feel like it’s pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. You get a fair price and the best quality for every taxpayer dollar that we’re spending in the Village of Tinley Park.”

Terry Lusby | Facilities and Fleet Superintendent, Village of Tinley Park

Complete High Quality Renovations, Repairs and Maintenance Work Faster

Let’s talk about how we can help your department tackle its facilities backlog and other construction projects while getting the best value for every dollar spent.
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Delivering critical asset management, capital planning, cost estimating and procurement capabilities in one connected platform.

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