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Results matter. That’s why our industry professionals work with clients to develop strategies and execute projects. Not only does our award-winning team have experience and specialized expertise, we pride ourselves on helping clients solve complex challenges.

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Leverage the efficiencies of JOC through cooperative purchasing networks. ezIQC allows you to start immediately on facility and infrastructure repairs, renovations, upgrades and new construction by completing a number of projects using one competitively-awarded contract. Volume discounts allow schools, healthcare facilities and government agencies to maximize their resources and ensure project efficiency by working with experienced field personnel who will guide you every step of the way.
Complete more repairs, renovations and straightforward new construction projects with an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) project delivery method that enables fast access to qualified contractors. JOC removes the hassle of traditional procurement by using one competitively-awarded contract for a variety of projects. Unit prices are set in a Construction Task Catalog® with more than 275,000 line items, allowing facility owners to control costs, eliminate change order negotiations and form partnerships with awarded contractors.
Kykloud is a surveying software application for mobile devices that collects and reports on facilities and asset condition data. This intuitive application can streamline your data collection process, build customizable survey forms and templates that meet your organization’s needs, and allows you to understand your data and run reports on your organization’s budget, cost and spend.
Return on Physical Assets (ROPA) provides the data, contextual understanding and strategic recommendations needed to steward your facilities most effectively. We partner with you to develop an analytical framework and dialogue with stakeholders that aligns space, capital and operational needs, helping ensure your facilities investments best serve the your community.
Any cost. Any time. Anywhere. Access the most comprehensive construction cost database in North America, featuring 85,000+ line items specific to 970+ locations. Available online, in books, CDs and as an integration into existing software, RSMeans data is trusted to create budgets, build estimates and validate cost proposals during preconstruction. Predictive cost data allows for more intelligent planning up to three years in the future.
Strategic Capital Planning elevates the traditional Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) beyond a list of deficiencies. Gordian facilitates an ongoing partnership between Facilities and Financial leaders to find the right level of technical detail needed to create an actionable, long-term capital plan. This strengthens the business case for facilities reinvestment and aligns with goals, priorities and financial realities.
VFA Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) services allow you to quickly get the accurate, objective and defensible data you need to understand the current conditions of your facilities, so you can you better prioritize facilities budgets and secure funding. The VFA Capital Planning software platform helps you objectively model multi-year capital plans to align real estate portfolio investments with your mission.
Design and implement campus enhancements that nurture a culture of environmental responsibility. Quantify your performance and benchmark your sustainability efforts against your peers and leading institutions. Meet environmental institution reporting requirements and make strategic recommendations that align sustainability, facilities and business objectives.  
A dynamic set of data, analytical tools, contextual benchmarks and ongoing strategic support to help small campuses make the most of their resources. Have an integrated view of campus needs and a data-driven framework to identify tactical opportunities and align facilities investments with your institution’s financial landscape and mission.
Optimize classroom space to avoid unnecessary costs and lay a foundation for strategic campus growth. Make more informed decisions, negotiate spaces fairly and produce results that satisfy all key stakeholders using recommendations tailored to your campus needs. Right-size classrooms to match enrollment and target capital improvements for maximum impact.
Develop a secure and competitive construction procurement process for large projects with Bid Safe. Owners and contractors control and track their part of the process from bidding, scope, addendums and everything in between. All job order prices are preset using a Construction Task Catalog® of more than 275,000 construction tasks.
Quick access to full line item descriptions, notes, takeoffs, pricing info and more. In addition to software developed by estimators, you’ll possess industry-leading RSMeans data and the power to directly populate government forms. Create accurate budgets all while keeping contracts and documents organized in one, easy-to-use platform.

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