Products that meet you where you are

Whether you’re procuring repair work, accumulating data, implementing a maintenance plan, gathering insights, initiating a change order, or managing your entire construction lifecycle, we’ve got the products you need to help you make the best possible decisions for your project.

Contract Administration

An effective solution for project lifecycle management

Our Contract Administration solution is a cloud-based application that provides flexibility and efficiency for the way you manage all of your construction contracts.Contract Administration solution is a cloud-based application that provides flexibility and efficiency for the way you manage all of your construction contracts. Plus, when you use our solutions you’ll have unlimited user access and customized user permissions.

  • Easy cloud-based responsive access
  • Implement milestone tracking
  • Use change order management
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Apply notes and tasks
  • Experience a FREE 90-day trial


Facilities Assessment, Benchmarking & Capital Planning with Sightlines

Helping institutions manage facilities investments

Sightlines uses benchmarking and comparisons to help you understand how your facility parallels others, can easily budget and schedule your project, identifies what needs to be accomplished for the facility to function, and will prioritize the work to be done.

  • Take advantage of a facilities assessment
  • Use our leading-edge benchmarking comparisons
  • Learn about sustainability
  • Understand building portfolios & future forecasting

Job Order Contracting

The most streamlined and efficient procurement solution in the world

Job Order Contracting system allows you to put immediately available contractors in place on a substantial number of projects with one, competitively bid contract.

  • Save time and money
  • Increase construction quality
  • Retain contractual control
  • Reduce claims & changes


Life Cycle Costing

Improve the long-term performance of your assets

Life Cycle Costing is a baseline benchmark for analyzing historical maintenance work as well as projecting when the life cycle of a building will require additional budgets for upkeep. Life cycle cost data allows you to gauge initial installed costs vs long-term facility costs. You can also estimate complete maintenance, repair and replacement costs, total sustainment costs, plus run comparison reporting for both maintenance costs for a new building versus an older facility, and more.

  • Prioritize maintenance needs with custom dashboards
  • Apply budget oversight
  • Import custom building data or models
  • Improve building performance
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings

Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Guarantee price certainty and contract quality

We help owners, managers and maintenance teams manage regular maintenance and repairs and equipment upkeep with our Maintenance, Repair & Operations solution. Our solution helps you get work done efficiently, control costs and start repairs quickly and easily for a seamless uninterrupted workflow.

  • One-time contract bidding
  • Use local data
  • Enjoy price certainty
  • Prioritize projects by urgency
  • Enjoy easy management & tracking


RSMeans Data & Services

Plan, forecast, budget and bid for projects efficiently and effectively

With RSMeans Data & Services, you’ll have access to the most trusted source for labor, material and equipment data for construction cost estimating. We collect data from multiple industry sources and organize it in a format that is instantly and easily accessible for you. From the preliminary budget to the detailed estimate to capital planning for the future , our data can be customized to provide the knowledge, data, expertise and tools necessary to assess past estimates and using that data, confidently manage and forecast future ones.

  • Improve cost estimating accuracy
  • Prioritize and budget lifecycle maintenance costs
  • Minimize cost overrun risks
  • Forecast future construction
  • Customized data for your specific needs
  • FREE 30-day online trial

Bid Safe

A safe, transparent process to track projects

Bid Safe combines our precise construction cost data, price control mechanisms, and a secure bid management and tracking system to help provide a transparent paper trail for audits.

  • Enjoy safe and secure tracking
  • Ensure a convenient and competitive bidding
  • Experience a transparent process


Change Order Management

Set pricing controls at the beginning of your project

Gordian’s Change Order Management solution can help alleviate the stress of costly change orders on capital construction. With Change Order Management, we’ll give you comprehensive construction data, software and industry expertise so you can manage project change orders with ease.

  • No price negotiations
  • Control costs
  • Proper scope management
  • Know pre-pricing for change orders
  • Streamline the admin process
  • Manage work delays or stoppage



Repair, renovation, and straightforward construction available through cooperative purchasing networks

ezIQC is a great solution to avoid the complications of traditional procurement, issue POs quickly, and satisfy local bidding requirements, and is conveniently available through cooperative purchasing networks.

  • Save time and money
  • Review price proposals
  • Increase control
  • Immediate response times