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A cloud-based service for mobile facilities inspection, condition surveys and built asset management that ensures consistent surveying across complex teams, calculates spending forecasts and provides instant custom reporting.

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Data Collection Methods Streamlined by Kykloud

Kykloud is a surveying software application for mobile devices that collects and reports on facilities and asset condition data. This intuitive application can streamline your data collection process, build customizable survey forms and templates that meet your organization’s needs and allow you to understand your data and run reports on your organization’s budget, cost and spend.

Kykloud tablets

More consistent data capture and instant reporting can save your surveyors up to 60% of their time in the field, while the centralized web portal allows your home office to efficiently view and manage captured data at the site or portfolio level.

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Data Collection & Measurement

Increase speed and accuracy of data in the field with an intuitive surveying mobile application

Performance Assessment

Secure online tools for survey scheduling, resource management and efficient data quality assurance

Analysis & Modeling

Dashboards and bespoke reports to help you understand your data, forecast, and prioritise spend to share with stakeholders

Analysis & Modeling

Highest level of data security and compliance

Kykloud tablets

Kykloud Mobile Surveying & Inspections Application

Kykloud Mobile Surveying and Inspections Application

Kykloud is a mobile surveying and inspections application that ensures consistent condition surveys, inspections and lifecycle asset management across your entire portfolio. Kykloud’s full capital planning suite includes mobile data collection, property management, lifecycle and budget planning and a real-time reporting engine.

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