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Kykloud: A Mobile Survey and Inspection Application

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Kykloud: A Mobile Survey and Inspection Application

Every dollar you defer on capital projects will cost you four times as much in reactive maintenance, according to American Schools and Universities. Real estate is often the second largest expense for most organizations, typically right behind labor. If you don’t fix systems before they fail, it can cost you many times more in legal risks and costly repairs.

This is why, if you own or manage properties, you need to know the condition of your real estate portfolio at all times. You need to ensure consistency and compliance with safety standards, brand guidelines and space utilization to ensure you’re getting the most out of your properties. You need to know what capital expenses are coming this year, in five years and in 10 years to plan accurately.

So we ask: How well do you know your properties?

Every dollar you defer on capital projects will cost you four times as much in reactive maintenance.

Having a configurable mobile survey and inspection app gives you a simple, consistent, guided process to collect the data you need quickly and accurately. Accurate data collection, in turn, gives you the information you need to create defensible plans and forecasts to obtain the necessary resources and budget.

That’s where Kykloud can help.

Kykloud: Your Fully Mobile Survey and Inspection App

With Kykloud, you can develop an intimate knowledge of your portfolio and ensure consistent condition surveys, inspections and lifecycle asset management across your entire portfolio. Kykloud’s full capital planning suite includes a mobile data collection, property management, lifecycle and budget planning, plus a real-time reporting engine.

Nine of the top 10 UK surveying firms use Kykloud to better manage their property portfolios. Clients see on average a five to 10 times return on investment through time savings on administrative tasks and increased project efficiency.

Nine of the top 10 UK surveying firms use Kykloud to better manage their property portfolios.

Kykloud delivers an effective way to manage and report on many different types of surveys and onsite inspections in government, educational, retail, commercial, hospitality and healthcare spaces, including:

  • Condition surveys
  • Asset verification
  • Valuation, appraisal and reinstatement
  • Health and safety
  • Asset lifecycle planning
  • Linear
  • Space utilization
  • Industry in-depth standards
  • Technical compliance audits
  • Project audits

Kykloud operates in real-time and keeps your office and in-field building surveying teams constantly up-to-date with the progress of your projects.

  • Capture: Intuitive mobile survey and inspection app that increases consistency, accuracy and control. Create tailored data collection to suit your organizational needs.
  • Manage: The cloud-based system provides secure and easily accessible storage, allowing surveyors access to their data either in the field wherever, whenever.
  • Report: Strategic and financial lifecycle planning tools that allow you to anticipate your capital planning needs. Dashboards and reporting help you to understand your data and share with stakeholders.

Why Kykloud?


  • Increase speed, accuracy and quality of data collection and reporting.
  • Maintain consistent brand, operational effectiveness and safety standards across entire enterprise.
  • Maintain asset value, meet lease and statutory obligations and allow liquidity of sale and purchase.
  • Win the fight for capital replacement budget or better manage allocation of funding.

Key features:

  • Mobile Application: An intuitive, fully mobile survey and inspection app to increase speed and accuracy in the field.
  • Configurable Forms: Build survey forms and templates to suit your organizational needs.
  • Automatic Data Uploads: Increase data collection speed and visibility across your portfolio.
  • Dashboards and Reports: Understand your data, forward spend budgets, and share with stakeholders.

Analytics You Can Trust for Confident Action

  • Design custom dashboards with a full range of capital planning data
  • Data is protected with layers of permissions, authentication, and history
  • Report integrity is maintained regardless of range of inputs across business
  • Controls protect data whether you’re creating one report for many or many people are creating one report
  • Scheduling and alerts increase speed


“Kykloud significantly reduced our time in the field, provided consistency across our multi-site project, and integrated seamlessly with existing management (procurement) software.” – Global project across 2,500 car showrooms in 40 countries

“Without a doubt Kykloud reduces the amount of time we would have spent on site and provided us with quality data in a format that we required.” – Detailed, six-facet surveys of 50 health centers

“This is one of the largest and most innovative survey projects in Europe. The Kykloud software and asset management technology will give the EFA the knowledge and data they require to make informed decisions about maintenance and planned spend for years to come.” – Full condition and compliance assessments of all 22,000 schools in England

“Kykloud continues to provide us with a holistic picture of the condition of our estate, allowing us to look at how best to increase efficiencies portfolio wide.” – Condition assessment and lifecycle planning for a mixed global property portfolio


  • G-Cloud Approved: Kykloud mobile survey and inspection app is a UK Government accredited surveying technology supplier
  • RICS Tech Affiliate: Kykloud is officially recognized as an exclusive member of the RICS Tech Affiliate Program
  • ISO 27001: Kykloud is ISO 27001 accredited, the highest level international data security standard

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