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The decisions you make about capital infrastructure will make or break your ability to serve your municipality’s current and future residents. Gordian can help you make smart capital investments that result in safe, healthy, growing communities.

Helping you build and maintain safe and reliable community spaces.

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Track Asset Conditions, Prioritize Remediation and Build an Effective Capital Plan

Actionable capital improvement plans start with objective facilities data gathered and analyzed by those with an expert eye. Using Gordian’s VFA Solutions, our assessment specialists can quickly and accurately evaluate the conditions of assets and facilities across your entire portfolio. After data collection, we’ll interview stakeholders and strategically segment buildings to help you understand your needs, communicate the impact of your investments and prioritize project selection.

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70% of Provinces choose Gordian’s VFA Solutions to manage their facilities portfolios. Read how the City of Mississauga used the solutions to develop defensible, data-backed capital plans.

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Save Time and Control Costs with Streamlined Project Delivery

When it comes to repairs, renovations and minor alterations, traditional construction project delivery methods can hinder progress. That’s why municipalities across Canada access Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC). An alternative project delivery method, JOC empowers you to complete a large number of projects with a single, competitively-awarded contract containing preset prices for construction tasks. That all adds up to faster delivery and greater cost control.

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Find out how the University of Ottawa used Gordian’s planning solutions to forecast when to complete priority projects and successfully demonstrate their funding needs.

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Develop Realistic Designs and Estimates with Reliable Construction Costs

Access to accurate construction costs is vital for budgeting and estimating projects — especially when resources are limited. You need cost data you can trust. Gordian’s RSMeans data has set the industry standard for construction cost accuracy since the 1940s. Today, the cost database contains over 92,000 unit line items, each researched and validated by a team of engineers and data scientists. We dedicate so much time and care into RSMeans data for one reason: to give you peace of mind.

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“Asset management at the City means value for the money.”

Jasbir Raina | Manager, Capital Planning & Asset Management, City of Mississauga, Ontario

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