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Canada’s public sector leaders have their work cut out for them. With ample facilities portfolios and limited financial and human resources, it’s nearly impossible to maintain current asset condition data in a clear and consistent way. This difficulty has a snowball effect: The harder it is to maintain data, the harder it is to justify budget allocation and complete the projects that have the greatest impact.

Gordian can help you overcome your constraints and maximize your resources by creating tailored strategies for allocating budgets, managing the construction procurement process and prioritizing asset improvements.

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Bring Your Community’s Potential to Life

It’s crucial to allocate funds where they will make the most impact and control costs along the way. We can help with Assessment and Capital Planning tools that build on VFA Canada’s legacy, and Job Order Contracting (JOC), a project delivery innovation that emphasizes transparency and efficiency.

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Download this comprehensive guide to find out how to make more informed decisions regarding capital, partners and existing resources throughout the building lifecycle with Gordian’s help.

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Rely on Gordian’s Solutions forFacilities Insights and Strategic Decision-Making

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Make Data-Driven Investments

Making facilities investments without the data to justify them is gambling with taxpayer money. VFA and our other robust planning solutions give you the power to gather facilities data and elevate strategic priorities. In the end, you’ll have the insights you need to make savvy investments and bolster public trust.

Building Your Insights Inventory: How to Develop a Facilities Assessment Strategy Card

Your budget and your schedule may not allow you to conduct a full-on, component-level assessment of every asset in your portfolio. We get that. That’s why we support taking a flexible approach to data collection. Watch this on demand webinar to find out more.

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Infrastructure Ontario Gets Ahead of Facilities Renewals Card

Find out how Gordian helped Infrastructure Ontario prioritize replacement and renewal projects as part of a 10-year capital plan for its 1,000+ buildings.

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Michael Sparling | Facilities Asset Manager, University of Ottawa

“We can better identify and forecast when to execute our priority projects. We can also present reports to our executive committee, which better demonstrates the need for additional funding required to deliver our mandate to the university body.”

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City of Mississauga Improves Asset Management and Capital Planning Card

With 228 buildings and more than 350 site assets in its portfolio, City of Mississauga leaders sought a way to understand the value of its facilities and manage major capital redevelopment projects. See how Gordian helped them create a defensible capital plan.

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Every year, Gordian collects and analyzes

more than 1.65 billion square feet

of facilities data to inform capital plans and facilities management strategies

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Revolutionize Your Construction Procurement Process

Complying with provincial and municipal regulations is of the utmost importance for your office. There is a proven way to navigate those regulations with confidence and accelerate project delivery, making a positive impact on your community. That innovation is Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC).

Game-Changing Construction Procurement Approach Comes to Canada Card

Hear a public sector facilities practitioner and a procurement expert detail how Job Order Contracting delivers a variety of advantages for the procurement office, the facilities department, local contractors and the community.

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Collaboration Fuels City of Mississauga Theater Renovation Card

Read how a phased, team-first approach to Gordian’s Job Order Contracting enabled a City of Mississauga theater renovation to come to completion quickly and CAD 40,000 under budget.

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The City of Richmond, British Columbia has executed

over CAD 26 million

in construction volume using Gordian’s Procurement Solutions

Gordian’s Building Intelligence™ Solutions empower the public sector to budget, build and maintain their capital-intensive physical assets. See how we can help you make better decisions, run better projects and deliver better outcomes for your community.

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