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Successfully managing your buildings, infrastructure and other physical assets means making important decisions about allocating capital and human resources. These decisions are complex, especially given your budget constraints, staff bandwidth and regulatory environment.

Kinetic GPO members like you now have access to Gordian’s innovative construction procurement and strategic facilities management solutions so you can make savvy, data-driven investments and deliver better outcomes in less time.

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Job Order Contracting (JOC) or Indefinite Quantity Indefinite Delivery Construction Contracting (IQCC) Project Management Consulting Services

RFSO Contract Number: 22-06

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Program Benefits:

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Access to Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) offerings and services

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Contract already tendered on your behalf

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Fully compliant with CETA, CFTA, the Ontario Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive, the New West Partnership Agreement (NWPTA), the Atlantic Trade and Procurement Partnership (ATPP), and other relevant trade legislation

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Preferential pricing and services

Accelerate Workflows, Control Costs and Optimize Your Assets with Job Order Contracting

As a Kinetic GPO member, you now have the opportunity to deliver construction projects in a matter of weeks. Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) accelerates the construction procurement process using existing competitively-awarded contracts, verified local costs and area contractors ready to take on projects of all sizes. Over our 30+ year history, we’ve helped organizations like yours lower overall project costs and complete quality construction work.

Job Order Contracting for Healthcare Facilities
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VFA: Steer Your Organization Toward Success With Data-Driven Investments

Data is the bedrock of facilities capital planning. From securing funding to prioritizing projects to measuring performance, data is the key to success. Gordian’s VFA Condition Assessments and Capital Planning Software provide the condition data you need to understand your portfolio clearly and the technology to model various funding scenarios so you can see the outcome of investments before you make them.

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Budget More Accurately With RSMeans Data

When your needs outweigh your available budget, it’s vital that you keep a keen eye on expected costs. Gordian’s RSMeans Data has set the construction industry standard for cost accuracy since the 1940s. With a database of over 92,000 unit line items, each researched and validated by our team of engineers and data scientists, you’ll have the power to validate vendor quotes and ensure you’ve budgeted enough to complete projects. And that adds up to peace of mind.

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