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VFA Facility Condition Assessments and Capital Planning Software

Get the objective and defensible data you need to understand the current conditions of your facilities, so you can prioritize facilities budgets, secure funding and develop multi-year capital plans to align with your mission. Click below to request information on VFA demos or trainings.

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VFA Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) services

VFA Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) services allow you to quickly get the objective and defensible data you need to understand the current conditions of your facilities, so you can better prioritize facilities budgets and secure necessary funding.

Whether you start with models of your facilities, self-capture condition data or utilize our services team to maintain and capture the right data and complete a Systems Lifecycle or Facility Condition Assessment, VFA provides several options for you to get an up-to-date and accurate assessment of your facilities condition and lifecycle needs.

Assessment Offerings

Our full range of cost-effective and accurate condition data collection solutions help you address specific business objectives while prioritizing high-value investments.


  • Facility Condition Assessments

    A services team quickly gathers comprehensive data about the state of your building portfolio.

  • Systems Lifecycle Assessments

    Aggregate system-level information for deferred maintenance and capital renewal.

  • Self-Service Assessments

    Our mobile solution for iPad and Android devices enables you to capture facility condition data cost-effectively.

  • Statistical Modeling

    High-level insight into building conditions that enable you to better focus an assessment program.

Complementary Assessment Services

Our team can gather additional data during on-site condition assessments, providing a cost-effective way to include critical data into prioritization and funding decisions.

Green Building Assessments

Green Building Assessments

Evaluate the costs and benefits of sustainability programs in the context of broader capital needs.

Energy Assessments

Energy Assessments

Identify opportunities to save energy and reduce costs.

Non-Structural Seismic Assessments

Non-Structural Seismic Assessments

Identify non-structural components at risk.

VFA Capital Planning Software

The VFA Capital Planning Software platform helps facilities professionals objectively model multi-year capital plans to align real estate portfolio investments with their mission. By centralizing asset and facility information, VFA provides forecasting tools to effectively manage facility condition data and leverage that data to optimize budget decisions about maintenance and capital planning.

With modeled funding scenarios, project scoring and bundling, this platform helps deliver an actionable capital plan and executive benchmark/progress reports.


VFA User Interface

Model Spending Scenarios

Forecast long-term costs and explore the impact of different spending levels on facility conditions.

Optimize Capital Planning Conditions

Develop cost-effective capital projects from prioritized capital needs.

Benchmark Progress

Compare assets across your portfolio using industry-standard benchmarks.


Unify Facilities Information
Unify Facilities Information

Understand the full scope of your asset and building portfolio.

Put a Defined Strategy Behind Every Decision
Put a Defined Strategy Behind Every Decision

Ensure alignment between facility spending and the overall mission.

Leverage Data to Optimize Budgets
Leverage Data to Optimize Budgets

Prioritize and direct spending to where it is needed most.

Additional Services

Data Maintenance Service

Data Maintenance Service

Update your assessment data based on recent project execution and outcomes.

Data Validation Service

Data Validation Service

Ensure your capital planning database is up-to-date, accurate and consistent across the organization.


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