Gordian’s Asset Optimization Solutions

Communities rely on safe, functional and operational facilities and infrastructure. Gordian’s Asset Optimization Solutions help our customers monitor and measure space, capital and operational performance to determine the best use of existing assets and meet evolving needs.

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Manage Maintenance and Operations

On a day-to-day scale, the cost of deferring maintenance and repairs is small. However, as minor expenses compound, costs grow into a substantial expenditure. One problem turns into multiple major problems, in turn decaying physical assets to the point of serious fiscal and tangible consequences. Gordian’s Asset Optimization Solutions are proven to help customers identify critical maintenance and operational projects. Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) gives them the power to deliver those projects quickly.

Job Order Contracting Helps Konawaena High School Complete Overdue Replacements Card

A daunting, state-wide school facilities backlog left Hawaii’s Konawaena High School dealing with damaged downspouts for eight long years. But once equipped with the right Gordian solutions, school leaders repaired the damage in a matter of months.

See How The School Completed This Crucial Project Quickly.

More than

1,200 organizations in North America

use Gordian JOC solutions to complete their communities’ essential construction projects.

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Measure Asset Performance

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Gordian measures space, capital and operational performance to provide our customers with benchmarks and action plans for continuous improvement.  With this data, leaders can create a clear, harmonized understanding of the impact of actions taken and a single source of truth for tracking progress toward their goals. See more about how our Assessments and Capital Planning products help you make effective investments into your facilities portfolio.

Powering Effective Capital Plans with Space Utilization Data Card

Gordian conducted a space utilization study for Clemson University that revealed classroom use was 13% below target level, adding up to a whopping $33M worth of unused campus space. This data, along with other Gordian solutions, gave university leaders the reinforcements they needed to close a multimillion-dollar funding gap.

Find Out How Clemson Secured Additional Funding.

Gordian has provided the U.S. federal government with data and insights for

more than 20 years.

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Assess Future Asset Requirements and Demands

Today’s facilities strategies won’t succeed forever. Gordian’s Return on Physical Assets (ROPA) solution helps customers assess future facilities requirements and our in-house experts make strategic recommendations for meeting changing user demands. We partner with you to define a common vocabulary around facilities issues and create alignment from the boiler room to boardroom. You’ll have the tools you need to articulate future requirements and make confident decisions about your physical assets.

Pamela Elliot Cain | Senior Vice President for Operations and Finance, Iowa State University

“It’s easy to justify our investment practices and priorities with the data and comparative insight we get from Gordian.”

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More than half of Canadian provinces

choose Gordian’s solutions to manage and optimize their facilities portfolios.

Gordian’s Building IntelligenceTM Solutions empower teams to make better decisions, run better projects and deliver better outcomes. See how we’ve partnered with your industry peers to make positive impacts in their communities.