Build and Maintain Federal Facilities and Infrastructure

Planning, budgeting and executing construction work at the Federal level is incredibly demanding. There are strict regulations. Heightened security and firewalls. Shrinking capital budgets. Growing backlogs. Dozens of projects in motion at any one time. The stress never ends. That’s where Gordian can help.

Make building and maintaining Federal facilities and infrastructure easier with reliable data, software and expertise.

Stemming the Rising Tide of Federal Project Overruns

Stemming the Rising Tide of Federal Project Overruns

Construction cost estimating is a complex and multi-layered challenge that almost every agency is trying to get a handle on. Access our curated resource hub to find out how your peers are leveraging industry innovation to prevent project overruns.

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Job Order Contracting

Efficient Construction Project Delivery

Why do minor renovations and repairs go through the same lengthy procurement process as a CAPEX project? It makes more sense to use a construction project delivery method that helps you complete these regular projects quickly. Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) solutions were developed to help you do just that.

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Reliable Estimates for Federal Projects

Whether your construction projects require a quick turnaround or are planned years in advance, you need reliable construction costs if you want to estimate correctly the first time. RSMeans data construction costs have such a strong reputation that they are widely specified in Federal contracts.

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RS Means data for Government Estimating JOC SATOC MATOC IDIQ

Data-Driven Facilities Management

You need the right facilities data and the proper perspective to build a capital plan. Our Assessment & Planning solution helps you gather relevant data to create a credible list of facilities conditions and interpret the findings, so you can set an informed facilities strategy and make a strong case for continued investment.

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Facilities Planning

Procurement at Speed: Federal Construction Insights

Inefficiencies in past public sector construction have resulted in over $270 billion in costs in just one year. Access our resource hub to find out how your peers are using Job Order Contracting to cut costs and time.

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Procurement at Speed: Federal Construction Insights

Measure – and Prove – Your Facilities Progress

Your day-to-day is all about building and maintaining reliable facilities. But how do you measure and prove impact? Our Return on Physical Assets (ROPA) solution provides a data-driven view of your holistic facilities performance to help you ensure the resources you invest in your facilities drive meaningful outcomes for the people who depend on you.

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Federal Facilities Benchmarking and Analysis

Future-Proof Your Federal Investments

Make a lasting impact on your agency by protecting its future. RSMeans Data Online’s Life Cycle Costing Estimator, helps you ensure your agency’s facilities thrive for years to come. Manage your long-term maintenance budget in an agency-specific dashboard with custom preventive maintenance expenditures and system replacement costs.

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Lifecycle Costing

Find out more about how Gordian is assisting federal government agencies and military installations with construction data, software and services at an upcoming tradeshow or at a complimentary webinar.

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