The Accuracy of RSMeans data.

The Security of FedRAMP.

One Powerful Estimating Platform.


Gordian’s RSMeans Data Online has been authorized under FedRAMP by the Joint Authorization Board, enabling federal agencies and military branches to fulfill mandated security measures and build estimates they can feel confident in. The first module available on the new Gordian Federal Cloud, RSMeans Data Online gives agencies access anytime, anywhere to the world’s leading construction cost database.

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America’s most advanced estimating platform
is now more secure than ever.

Why the Federal Government Needs to Move to the Cloud Hex

Why the Federal Government Needs to Move to the Cloud

Cloud computing isn’t the latest tech fad. It’s imperative. Moving to the cloud will enable the government to provide better services in support of its mission.

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The Operational Advantages of FedRAMP Authorization Hex

The Operational Advantages of FedRAMP Authorization

Learn how the FedRAMP and authority to operate processes help federal agencies work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

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RSMeans Data Online: Three Tiers to Meet Every Level of Need*

Core Complete Complete Plus
Level of Cost Detail
Unit price costs X X X
Assemblies costs X X
Square foot model costs X X
Labor Rates/Wages
Union + data set selection X X X
Open shop + data set selection X X
Ability to Edit
Create/edit unit prices X X
Create/edit assembly prices X X
Estimate Tools
Unit price estimate creation X X X
Assembly estimate creation X X
Square foot estimator with new models X X
Square foot estimator with renovation models X
Life cycle costing estimator X
Reporting Tools
Export estimates via PDF/Excel and share X X X
Customize export estimate X X
Productivity Tools
Keyword search/tag favorite items X X X
Browse by MasterFormat/UniFormat X X X
Create/Organize estimates based on reusable Work Breakdown Structures X X
Advanced user security and permissions** X X
Arrange projects in flexible hierarchies** X X
Timespan of Date
Current year, 12 months from purchase by quarter X X X
3 years back from current date X X
Full RSMeans data history X
Customize Data
Add your own custom wage rates and apply to data set X X
Edit equipment rental prices X X
Predictive Cost Data
Available for unit, assembly and square foot costs X

*Subscriptions to RSMeans Data Online hosted on the Gordian Federal Cloud include a markup above standard RSMeans Data Online subscription prices. Additional costs for system integration may apply. Fill out the Contact Us form below for more information on pricing.

**Available in RSMeans Data Online Complete only with purchase of Full Library dataset.

Start Creating Accurate Estimates in a Secure Environment

Our team of dedicated federal government experts is ready to answer all your questions about adopting FedRAMP-compliant RSMeans Data Online on the Gordian Federal Cloud. Contact us to learn more.