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We endeavor to solve the challenges of those in construction and transform our industry using decisive data, innovative technology and a full understanding of our industry and customers.

When you engage Gordian for Planning, our Sightlines team will use benchmarking and comparisons to help you understand how your facility parallels others. Learn More

Powered by RSMeans data, we created the Gordian for Design lifecycle stage for architects, engineers, and contractors who need accurate budgets, estimates and scheduling for their projects. Learn More

When you engage Gordian for Procurement, you’ll gain immediate access to competitively bid contractors for repairs, renovations or alterations. Learn More

When you use Gordian for Construction for your capital construction projects, we’ll help you set expectations upfront to avoid having to negotiate when something changes. Learn More

Gordian for Operations helps owners, managers and maintenance teams keep up with regular maintenance and repairs, equipment upkeep and estimate future costs. Learn More

Making the Connection: Aligning Facility Investment with Organizational Mission


Your organization's plan is in place and it’s time to implement. But are your facilities ready to take on the plan's goals? This eBook outlines steps to help ensure your facilities are aligned with your organizational goals, complete with tips on prioritization and best practices.

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Job Order Contracting 101

Video Series

Procurement challenges make it difficult to complete renovation and construction projects on time and on budget. Job Order Contracting uses a single contract that’s bid once to help save time and money. Learn more by signing up for this free video series starting August 28th.

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