Strategically Plan and Manage Your Campus Facilities

Across higher education, focused facilities stewardship and capital planning is more critical than ever. Caring for the physical campus in the face of shifting institutional trends demands new approaches to maximizing limited resources and making smarter decisions around growing, reducing or renewing campus space. That’s a complex, often daunting task. Gordian can help you prioritize investments, plan your next project and drive meaningful outcomes for the community you serve.

State of Facilities in Higher Education

State of Facilities in Higher Education

Download our definitive report to explore the trends in space, enrollment and staffing that are redefining the industry and the practical steps campus leaders can take to secure their place in an uncertain future.

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Manage and maintain your campus’ most valuable assets, its facilities.

Return on Physical Assets (ROPA)

Data and Insights for Managing the Built Environment

It can be hard to know which decisions about your space, capital and operations are the right ones. With our Sightlines Return on Physical Assets (ROPA) solution, we’ll work with you to establish an analytical framework for decision-making to be certain your choices are founded on objective data and tied to historical and peer performance. As your trusted long-term partners, we’ll be by your side with decades of industry experience and unbiased perspective to guide you through these critical business decisions.

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Strategic Capital Planning

Sustainable Capital Plans

With our Sightlines Strategic Capital Planning solution, we’ll work with you to establish an actionable capital plan that strengthens integrates financial realities and ensure dollars are allocated to the highest priorities. Rather than conducting a full facilities assessment upfront, our reinvented and flexible approach focuses the assessment to the campus assets that are critical to strategic initiatives, establishing a baseline of priorities that right-sizes the plan to your needs today. Plus, our cloud-based platform provides immersive access to the data surrounding your strategic capital plan and puts the power of investment decision-making at your fingertips.

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Campus Space Utilization

Campus Space Utilization Solutions

College and university classrooms are the settings for student breakthroughs; they’re environments that nurture world-changing ideas. But using classrooms to their full potential requires gathering data from different campus sources and thoroughly assessing usage. Our Sightlines Space Utilization solution can help you optimize classroom space to avoid unnecessary costs and lay a foundation for strategic campus growth. We’ll provide tailored recommendations that empower you to make more informed decisions, negotiate fair use of shared and owned spaces and produce results that satisfy all key stakeholders.

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Accurate Budgets for Campus Construction

Whether your campus plans require a quick turnaround or must be planned years in advance, you need accurate construction costs to budget for future work. As North America’s leading construction cost database, RSMeans data from Gordian has been synonymous with reliability since the 1940s, so you can trust it to budget for the projects that will transform your campus for students, alumni, professors and staff. Our team of engineers and construction industry experts spend more than 22,000 hours researching and validating costs every year. With each minute spent, we ensure you have reliable, accurate cost data, so you can improve your estimating accuracy and minimize budgeting risk when you break ground on campus projects.

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Accurate Budgeting for College Construction

College Facility Construction Project Delivery Method

Project Delivery that Maximizes Resources

Construction procurement can be a strain on your limited time, money and manpower. Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) solution helps you make the most of those precious resources. JOC is a construction delivery method that allows a large number of projects to be completed with a single, competitively-awarded contract. Not only can JOC help you start projects faster, but it establishes preset prices for construction Tasks so you can control costs. Managed through an intuitive software platform, Gordian’s Job Order Contracting ensures transparency and streamlines communication between everyone involved in managing construction.

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Small Campus Facilities Management

Integrated Facilities Management for Small Campuses

As a leader at a small college or university, you are no less concerned with the state of your facilities than your peers at larger schools. You feel the same pressure to manage space, address deferred maintenance and deliver excellent service with limited resources. Our Sightlines Integrated Facilities Program helps alleviate those pressures by providing you with a dynamic set of data, analytical tools, benchmarking context and the ongoing support you need to improve facilities operations and optimize your resources.

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College Campus Environmental Sustainability

Measurable Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability leaders want to design and implement campus enhancements that nurture a culture of environmental responsibility. Unfortunately, the burden of continuous data analysis and time-consuming reporting can impede your progress and delay your achievement goals. We can ease that burden and support you with our Sightlines Campus Sustainability solution. Through keen insights and proven strategies, we can help you integrate sustainability improvement plans with core campus functions to save time, save money and save the environment.

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