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Building Your Insights Inventory: How to Develop a Facilities Assessment Strategy

Building Your Insights Inventory: How to Develop a Facilities Assessment Strategy

For organizations engaged in long-term capital planning, an assessment of the facilities portfolio is an important step in cataloging needs and risks. Historically, the assessment is a one-size-fits all proposition, with each asset receiving the same level of evaluation, regardless of the asset’s strategic importance. But times have changed. Organizations now have the flexibility to match the rigor of an assessment to an asset’s impact on their goals.

That’s great news for leaders and decision-makers. But how should they go about making decisions about the level of detail they need? How do they match an asset with an assessment?

Watch this on demand webcast to hear an expert panel offer insights into developing a facilities assessment strategy that captures the right level of detail for informed capital planning and the solutions Gordian offers to help them capture that data.

You’ll find out:

  • Why organizations need flexibility when assessing their facilities portfolio
  • Gordian’s assessment options and how to match them to your facilities assets


John Timmerman, Gordian
John Timmerman
Product Marketing Manager

Jim Streeter, Gordian
Jim Streeter
Vice President of Planning Services

Gabby Rosas, Gordian
Gabby Rosas
Solution Specialist

Jamie Clarke, Gordian
Jamie Clarke
Senior Solutions Consultant, VFA Capital Planning

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