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When is ezIQC a Good Option?

You can get started immediately on facility and infrastructure repairs, renovations, upgrades and simple construction using ezIQC. Available through cooperative purchasing networks, ezIQC is used by state and local entities to complete a variety of projects. View this infographic to find out more about when ezIQC is a good choice.

You, too, can take advantage of cooperative volume discounts. Use the map below to access ezIQC services in your state.

Why Use ezIQC for Government Procurement

How It Works

By establishing local, competitively-awarded contracts through cooperative purchasing networks, ezIQC eliminates the need to bid each construction project separately. Our experienced field personnel will guide you through each step of the process and provide oversight to ensure you get every possible advantage along the way. View this infographic to learn the how a project is completed with ezIQC.

Enter Your Project

Interested in taking advantage of volume discounts through regional and local cooperative purchasing networks? Have a construction, renovation or maintenance project ready but unsure how to start the process? Watch this video to learn how easy it is to submit your project into the ezIQC program.

How to Use the ezIQC Project Entry Form
Why Use ezIQC for K-12 Procurement

Customer Success Spotlight

Brainerd School District
Brainerd School District
Town of Portland, Connecticut
Town of Portland, Connecticut
Schools and Public Agencies
Schools and Public Agencies


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