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Discover how ezIQC simplifies procurement through cooperative purchasing networks

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Trade the time and expense of traditional procurement for speed, efficiency and the power of group buying

With ezIQC®, you can get started immediately on facility and infrastructure repairs, renovations, alterations and modernizations. By establishing local, competitively-awarded contracts through cooperative purchasing networks, ezIQC eliminates the need to bid each project separately. Our experienced field personnel will guide you through each step of the process and provide oversight to ensure efficiencies are maximized right from the start. Take advantage of cooperative volume discounts, and use the map below to access ezIQC services in your state.


E&I Coop Services

Buy Board

KPN Keystone Purchasing Network

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Customer Success Stories

Contractors and owners spanning a wide range of industries including local and state municipalities, education and healthcare have found success with ezIQC. Here are a few of their success stories.




Brainerd School District

Speed and efficiency allows the district to
tackle time sensitive projects with ease.


Town of Portland, Connecticut

The town meets competitive bidding requirements
while streamlining the procurement process.