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Fast-Track Project Delivery With Cooperative Purchasing

As resources shrink and facilities backlogs grow, you need support and expertise to complete routine, operational construction projects. Enter the combined power of Gordian’s Job Order Contracting and your co-op of choice.

Project Delivery Made Easy

Pricing whiplash. Complicated procurement laws. Contractor shortages. Construction procurement is full of enormous challenges. Accessing a Gordian Job Order Contract from a trusted cooperative purchasing organization helps you simplify a complex process and cut your challenges down to size.

A Trusted Process

Public procurement and facilities professionals have been turning to co-ops and Gordian for project delivery assistance since 2008. In that time, they’ve used our solutions to complete more than $2 billion in construction volume. And no matter the project size or scope, they’ve followed the same proven process to get the job done.

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Quality Work. Cost Certainty. Streamlined Operations.

There are many ways accessing a Gordian JOC program via a cooperative purchasing group will help your organization enrich your community. But three rise about the rest.

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Better Projects

Job Order Contracting is a program, not a project. Meaning that when contractors do better work, they are more likely to get awarded more — and more valuable — jobs. The potential for steady work motivates them to exceed an owner’s expectations for quality, resulting in improved facilities.

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Verified Local Costs

Budgetary control and cost savings is a cornerstone of Gordian’s Job Order Contracting. Construction costs are established using preset pricing in Gordian’s Construction Task Catalog® (CTC). The CTC contains local material and labor costs, developed for you by our cost engineers and data experts.

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Faster Project Delivery

Gordian has been implementing and supporting JOC programs for over thirty years. In that time, we’ve honed the process so it’s now the perfect project delivery machine. Efficient and transparent, Gordian JOC programs are 25% faster than traditional project delivery methods.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accessing Gordian’s JOC Via Cooperative Purchasing

Yes. Gordian has proven success helping clients meet, track and exceed their inclusion goals for disadvantaged, local, small, minority-owned, veteran-owned and woman-owned business enterprises. In fact, 35% of contractors involved in a Gordian JOC program hold a minority business certification. Diversity/Inclusion/ Participation initiatives can be handled on a project-by-project or program-wide basis.

Gordian performs outreach to your contractor community to help educate and encourage participation in your JOC program. Once the general contractors are awarded, Gordian will conduct additional outreach to sub-contractors to help ensure your program meets your inclusion goals. The owner has the right to approve all subcontractors prior to the issuance of the purchase order. Any specific conditions of the project, such as bonding or special insurance, are specified in the purchase order and provided to the owner. Most of these considerations will be handled up front in the initial customized bid documentation. Gordian’s software application also tracks your KPIs, so you know how your program is performing at all times.

With a Gordian JOC program, contractors have the potential for a reliable stream of work for a given period because they bid on an IDIQ contract, not individual jobs. The single-bid process enables projects to start faster, which means less administrative overhead and more construction work for the contractor. The prospect of a consistent revenue stream motivates awarded contractors to take on projects of all sizes and scopes. Gordian’s JOC solutions enhance owner/contractor collaboration by following a transparent, flexible and repeatable process. Preset pricing keeps negotiations to a minimum. Best of all, the performance-based contract fosters a trusting partnership that results in high-quality work, a win-win for everyone.

Most of the time your awarded contractor is the single point of contact for construction schedule and quality. Many agencies use the services of an architect to prepare the contract documents for procurement purposes, but with JOC this has already been completed. More complex projects may require engineering and architectural services to define the Scope of Work or for permitting. If architectural or engineering services are required, the contractor can obtain these services.


One of the unique benefits of the process is the knowledge and expertise Gordian’s field personnel provides throughout the project. Gordian will help you prepare a Detailed Scope of Work that describes the work the contractor will perform. Then, seasoned field personnel will review the Price Proposal to make sure the contractor has selected the appropriate Tasks and quantities and will ask the contractor to make any required changes. Only then will the Price Proposal be submitted for final review. The process is streamlined so construction is ready to begin in a fraction of the time than it would normally take to procure a project.

Have Questions?

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