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Communities orbit around their school districts. Parents move to neighborhoods with excellent schools nearby. Entire communities come together to cheer on high school football teams on Friday nights. And in November, schools host elections — the ultimate expression of community priorities. School facilities are the heart of American cities and towns. Gordian offers a range of tools to help you keep that heart beating strong.

“What I love about working with Gordian is I’ve got a group of people that know the Job Order Contracting process in and out. It allows the pressure to come off me, so I can spend my time on other important aspects of the district.”

Arsenio Romero | Superintendent, Los Lunas Public Schools

Plan, build and maintain safe and reliable K-12 school facilities.

Job Order Contracting for K-12 Facilities

Construction Project Delivery That Works on Your Timeline

The construction procurement process can be burdensome. That’s a problem when you have only a summer to finish renovations, repairs and alterations. After all, students can’t learn and teachers can’t teach inside a construction zone. That’s why school districts across the U.S. turn to Gordian’s Job Order Contracting. Job Order Contracting is an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) construction delivery method that allows a large number of projects to be completed with a single, competitively-awarded contract. Ideal for completing work in short time frames like summer or winter break, this single-bid process empowers you to start projects faster.

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Aging Facilities and Deferred Maintenance in U.S. Schools

Aging Facilities and Deferred Maintenance in U.S. Schools

American public schools received a D+ on the 2021 American Society of Civil Engineers infrastructure report card. Check out this infographic for some key stats showing why our schools scored so low.

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RSMeans Data Online

RSMeans data: Construction Costs You Can Rely On

Your district has projects scheduled years in advance. It also has projects that need to be done next week. In either case, you need accurate construction costs to budget for the work and to validate contractor quotes. Gordian’s RSMeans data has been synonymous with accurate costs since the 1940s. With 92,000+ costs researched and validated by a team of engineers, you can rely on it to help with projects your staff, your students and their parents, and your community can be proud of.

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One-third of the nation’s largest public school districts have used Gordian’s solutions to give their students better learning environment.

Capital Planning

Capital Planning Assistance

The first step to building an actionable capital plan is to assess current needs, typically with a facilities conditions assessment, or FCA. Our Assessment & Planning solution goes beyond the normal FCA and provides a detailed look into the condition of your facilities to help you understand your inventory of physical assets. A Gordian team will gather and analyze relevant data, interview leaders and stakeholders and strategically segment buildings in a way that makes sense for your district. We’ll even help you communicate the impact of your investments and prioritize project selection. That way, you can allocate resources most effectively.

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Prioritizing COVID-19 and Stimulus Funding

Watch this on demand webinar for a discussion about addressing COVID-19 safety in building projects, ideas for using new Federal stimulus funds strategically and how to streamline the construction procurement process.

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Facilities Benchmarking and Analysis

Measure and Maximize Facilities Performance

School districts have the unenviable task of providing a variety of facilities with limited funding. It’s important to confirm that the investments you make in your facilities are delivering the returns your community needs. Return on Physical Assets (ROPA) provides data-driven insights into your facilities performance to help you balance operational goals, capital renewal and deferred maintenance.

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