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Ignite Student Potential and Shape a Brighter Future

A thriving learning environment is the heart of a vibrant community. Yet, keeping a school district resilient and future-ready means balancing a spectrum of requirements – from ensuring safety and ADA compliance to integrating the latest tech innovations, all within tight resource constraints.

Navigating through the complexity is daunting, but you are not alone. At Gordian, we are committed to helping you strategically plan, secure funding and implement projects that elevate the learning experience to nurture every student’s growth and inspire a prosperous future.

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Strengthen Community Trust

Public trust is delicate. You must protect it. That means being a good steward of taxpayer funds, complying with grant and aid requirements, and selecting reputable partners to do business with. Gordian can help you maintain community confidence with Job Order Contracting (JOC), a construction project delivery method that amplifies transparency. New to JOC? Try it out with the assistance of your preferred cooperative association.


Download this free eBook for an examination of transparency in construction procurement procedures in government, a discussion of increased regulations and the role of delivery methods in maintaining public trust in government.

Arsenio Romero | Superintendent, Los Lunas Public Schools (NM)

“When audit time comes around, I feel 100% confident that we’ve done everything correctly. That’s a huge benefit to having a partner like Gordian.”

Hear from this district leader

In the last decade, Los Angeles Unified School District has awarded

nearly $665 million in construction volume

to certified small businesses under its Gordian JOC program

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Make a Convincing Case for the Funding You Need

Given the scarcity of public funds and the magnified attention they receive, securing money for repairs and renovations is a headache. Even if a project is required, getting it funded means telling a compelling story supported by convincing data. Our Assessments and Capital Planning options help you effectively communicate the risks of inaction.


Using Gordian’s facilities capital planning expertise, the Boulder Valley School District had a $300 million bond measure approved by the Board of Education.


Watch this on demand webcast to hear an expert panel offer insights into developing a facilities assessment strategy that captures the right level of detail for informed capital planning and the solutions Gordian offers to help them capture that data.

350+ schools and districts

rely on Gordian’s Building Intelligence Solutions to successfully budget, build and maintain safe and resilient learning environments

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Create Extraordinary Schools Your Community Takes Pride In

Schools are special. They aren’t just buildings where students learn and people work. Schools are where inspiration is born, where communities gather and where young people reach unforgettable milestones. We can help you create school spaces worthy of the magic that happens inside of them.


American schools are in bad shape. In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave U.S. public schools a D+ in its 2021 infrastructure report card. Here are the facts.


But the preparation needed for a successful summer of construction and maintenance projects starts well ahead of the arrival of warmer weather. Projects must be identified, funds must be secured, budgets must be set and the right contractors must be selected. We’ve organized a catalog of helpful resources for facilities and finance teams looking to build a smooth onramp to their summer construction seasons.


S.W. King Intermediate School needed a laundry list of repairs completed on their cafeteria but only had the short spring break to do so. Read how they used Job Order Contracting to check everything off their list and give students a new gathering space.

Six of the 10 largest public school districts in America

depend on Gordian’s solutions to give their students better learning environments

Gordian’s Building Intelligence™ Solutions empower district leaders to budget, build and maintain their capital-intensive physical assets. See how we can help you make better decisions, run better projects and deliver better outcomes for your community.

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