Access ezIQC® in California


Expedite construction procurement through cooperative purchasing networks with ezIQC, the easy and intelligent way to buy construction services at competitive prices. ezIQC lets you take advantage of cooperative volume discounts from contracts that have already been competitively awarded, giving you immediate access to local contractors and eliminating the need to bid each project separately. ezIQC is available in California via Sourcewell, a Minnesota local government.

ezIQC brings speed and efficiency to the construction procurement process by establishing local, competitively awarded prices upfront. Trade the time and expense of traditional procurement for the speed, efficiency and the power of group buying. Avoid the red tape of traditional procurement and issue POs in just days.


Contractor Service Areas


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Getting Started

With ezIQC, you can start on repairs, renovations or upgrades quickly. Simply visit and enter a brief project description. We’ll contact you to walk you through the process.


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