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Divisions within the State of Pennsylvania and other public entities can now get repairs, renovations, upgrades and straightforward new construction underway quickly with a unique Job Order contract. Available via the Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN), ezIQC® empowers you to expedite procurement so you can deliver better results for your community faster.

An Efficient Construction Procurement Solution for Pennsylvania

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ezIQC is available in Pennsylvania through KPN with local, readily available contractors ready to get started on your project today.

Intro to JOC

Job Order Contracting 101

Job Order Contracting 101

New to JOC? This video series covers the basics, including how a JOC program works, how it compares to other project delivery methods and when it is most effective.

Study Finds JOC Saves Time, Money

Study Finds JOC Saves Time, Money

Arizona State University researchers studied JOC programs and found they save owners 24% in administrative costs and offer a 65% decrease in overall service delivery time. Read study.

Special Collection of JOC Resources

Special Collection of JOC Resources

Gain a better understanding of how Gordian’s JOC solutions bring efficiency and transparency to the construction procurement process. Browse hub.

Flip the Cards for More Info About When to Use Job Order Contracting

Small- or Medium-Sized Projects


Projects that can be scoped, priced and completed quickly.

Time-Sensitive Projects and Emergency Work


Work that must be done immediately.



Complete backlogged projects or team JOC contractors with in-house staff.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)


Keep up with MRO requests like equipment and systems maintenance.

Projects with a Fixed Budget


Complete projects with a fixed budget, like a state or Federal grant.

Replacement-In-Kind Projects


Replacement of an item without needing to change design specs.


JOC is not the right delivery method for every project. Selecting the right construction work for JOC will help make your program a success. Read this blog post,"When is Job Order Contracting a Right Fit for Your Project," to learn more.

Why Gordian?

Unrivaled Experience

Gordian, founded by the creator of JOC, has been helping owners procure construction work since the 1980s. Today, procurement professionals trust Gordian with $2.6 billion in construction volume every year.

Unmatched Expertise

In a given year, 27,000+ construction projects are completed using Gordian JOC solutions. We’ve seen it all and we’ve put together Job Order Contracting best practices to help you run a best-in-class program.

Frequently Asked Questions About ezIQC®

ezIQC is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) procurement process that helps facility and infrastructure owners complete many repairs, renovation and straightforward new construction projects with a single, competitively-awarded contract. Unlike traditional bidding where each project is identified, designed and then put out to bid, ezIQC is made available through cooperative purchasing networks who have satisfied the competitively-bid process up front eliminating the need to repeat the bid process on a project by project basis.

ezIQC is another tool in the procurement toolbox for expediting construction projects. Gordian’s localized construction cost data, software and expert field personnel help guide owners through each step of the process, providing oversight to ensure cost and timing efficiencies are maximized right from the start.

ezIQC was brought to the cooperative landscape in 2008. Gordian created ezIQC to help tackle the demanding requirements, tight timeframes, and stringent, complicated competitive-bidding requirements placed on public and educational facility managers all across the country. The purpose of ezIQC is to simplify the process of completing routine, straightforward repair, renovation, alteration and new construction projects. Since its inception thousands of projects amounting to over $2 billion in construction volume have been completed using Gordian’s ezIQC Solution.

ezIQC motivates the awarded contractor to meet and exceed the owner’s expectations of quality, timely construction through a performance-based contract. The owner is not obligated to give the contractor more work, therefore encouraging them to build a lasting relationship.

Budgetary control and cost savings is a cornerstone of Gordian’s ezIQC solution. Unlike traditional bid process the cost of procuring the projects is less because the owner does not have to repeat the entire procurement cycle for each project. The process allows contractors to be involved at the inception of a project allowing them to provide their professional insight which can lead to greater project success and immediate value engineering to ensuring budgets are being kept in check. Contractors also see a benefit in ezIQC as they are not having to continuously respond to public facility bids which costs them valuable time and money. Because contractors are bidding on a series of project opportunity not just a single project they often provide volume discounts in their construction costs.

ezIQC the cost of construction is established using firm, preset Unit Prices in Gordian’s Construction Task Catalog® (CTC), which prices more than 275,000 construction work Tasks. Each Task includes a detailed description, unit of measurement, unit price and, where applicable, demolition cost. The Unit Prices contain locally-developed direct costs for material and labor. There are a set of technical specifications for each of the construction tasks and general conditions that contain the contract language concerning the execution of the contract.

The awarded contractor has competitively bid an Adjustment Factor to the pre-established Unit Prices, so the owner is assured a competitive price for each element of a project’s Scope of Work.

The traditional design-bid-build cycle typically takes months to complete and uses a significant amount of agency administrative and technical resources. With ezIQC, you can immediately access local, contractors through a competitively-awarded contract with a cooperative agency. There is no need for preparing, copying, advertising and distributing bid packages for each project. The procurement process takes weeks instead of months.

The Construction Task Catalog accesses data from Gordian’s construction cost database of more than 275,000 Tasks with associated costs for all areas of construction. Each Task contains a detailed description, unit of measurement and unit price. The labor, material and equipment price components are updated to reflect local prices, prevailing wages and working conditions at the time of publishing. There are a set of Technical Specifications for each of the construction tasks and general conditions that contain the specific contract language concerning the execution of the contract.

Change orders are significantly reduced because the contractor participates in the Joint Scope Meeting with the owner and Gordian field personnel. This upfront, open communication eliminates the misunderstandings and mistakes that lead to most change orders. The owner has the right to change the Scope of Work at any time during the project. With ezIQC, extra work and changes are priced using the preset Unit Prices in the Construction Task Catalog for the owner’s specific area. The performance- based contract ensures the contractor is motivated to be efficient and reduce costs without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.

ezIQC has a history of attaining and exceeding participation goals. Local, minority and women owned businesses and residency initiatives can be handled on a project-by-project or program-wide basis. The owner has the right to approve all subcontractors prior to issuance of the purchase order. Any specific conditions of the project, such as bonding or special insurance, is specified in the purchase order and provided to the owner.

The Adjustment Factors are modified on the anniversary date of the contract award, based on the Construction Cost Index (CCI) in the Engineering News-Record. The average CCI for the current year is divided by the average CCI for the base year and equals the increase or decrease in the construction costs. The percentage is multiplied by the original Adjustment Factor and thus equals the Adjustment Factor for the next 12 months.

Most of the time you don’t. The ezIQC contractor is the single point of contact for construction schedule and construction quality. Many agencies use the services of an architect to prepare the contract documents for procurement purposes. With ezIQC, this has already been completed. More complex projects may require engineering and architectural services to define the Scope of Work or for permitting. If architectural or engineering services are required, the ezIQC contractor can obtain these services.

One of the unique benefits of the ezIQC process is the knowledge and expertise Gordian’s field personnel provides throughout the process. Gordian will help you prepare a Detailed Scope of Work that describes the work the contractor will perform. Then, seasoned field personnel will review the Price Proposal to make sure the contractor has selected the appropriate Tasks and quantities and will ask the contractor to make any required changes. Only then will the Price Proposal be submitted for final review. The process is streamlined so construction is ready to begin in a fraction of the time than it would normally take to procure a project.

ezIQC simplifies and expedites the construction procurement process, so work can begin earlier. It puts the owner in greater contractual control and increases the quality of work. Any change orders are based on firm prices and Gordian’s solutions virtually eliminate defaults, terminations and claims. Owners have access to full-time, performance-based professional construction contractors, working under a competitively-bid contract through a cooperative agency. ezIQC will save time and money, allowing owners to complete more projects.

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