South Carolina: Accelerate Construction Project Delivery with Gordian’s Job Order Contracting

Available via Equalis and Dorchester County Contract No. 2022-10, Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) offers a single-bid process that delivers a fast, flexible and cost-effective way to accelerate the projects that matter.

An Efficient Construction Procurement Solution for South Carolina

Cities, counties, towns and water authorities in South Carolina now have the ability to get repairs, renovations, upgrades, as well as straightforward new construction underway quickly, saving valuable time and money. Click the button below to access local contractors and start projects immediately!

South Carolina ezIQC Map

Local, Readily-Available Contractors

A Gordian Job Order Contracting program provides you with a pool of competent contractors, eager to take on projects of all sizes.

See FAQ for awarded contractors by region.

Intro to JOC

Job Order Contracting 101

Job Order Contracting 101

New to JOC? This video series covers the basics, including how a JOC program works, how it compares to other project delivery methods and when it is most effective.

Study Finds JOC Saves Time, Money

Study Finds JOC Saves Time, Money

Arizona State University researchers studied JOC programs and found they save owners 24% in administrative costs and offer a 65% decrease in overall service delivery time.

Special Collection of JOC Resources

Special Collection of JOC Resources

Gain a better understanding of how Gordian’s JOC solutions bring efficiency and transparency to the construction procurement process.

Flip the Cards for More Info About When to Use Job Order Contracting

Small- or Medium-Sized Projects


Projects that can be scoped, priced and completed quickly.

Time-Sensitive Projects and Emergency Work


Work that must be done immediately.



Complete backlogged projects or team JOC contractors with in-house staff.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)


Keep up with MRO requests like equipment and systems maintenance.

Projects with a Fixed Budget


Complete projects with a fixed budget, like a state or Federal grant.

Replacement-In-Kind Projects


Replacement of an item without needing to change design specs.


We get it: Job Order Contracting is a little different than traditional construction project delivery. Get a quick rundown of the process by watching this animated video, “Job Order Contracting (JOC): Accelerating Projects That Matter.”

Why Gordian?

Unrivaled Experience

Founded by one of JOC’s creators, Gordian has been helping owners procure construction work since the 1980s. Today, purchasing professionals trust us with $3.2 billion in construction volume every year.

Unmatched Expertise

More than 30,000 construction projects are completed using Gordian’s JOC solutions every year. We’ve seen it all, we’ve done it all and we’ve put together proven JOC best practices to help you run a best-in-class program.

Ready to Enter a Project Using the Dorchester County Contract?

For Contractors

Never Worked with OMES?

New to Job Order Contracting?

Connect with a Gordian JOC expert who can guide you through the entire process – from initial bid all the way through project closeout – and answer any questions you have about a Gordian JOC program. Meet your team.

New to Job Order Contracting?

What’s In It For You?

Gordian has experience helping construction contractors grow their businesses and form collaborative, long-lasting relationships with project owners. Get more info about how a JOC program can help you succeed.


Job Order Contracting is a trusted single-solicitation project delivery method for procuring maintenance and construction. It allows you to take advantage of volume discounts from contracts that have already been competitively awarded. With access to local contractors, you can trade the time and expense of traditional procurement for speed, efficiency and the power of group buying.

Gordian is the administrator of South Carolina’s statewide JOC program. As a pioneer in Job Order Contracting (JOC), Gordian has implemented and supported hundreds of programs across the country, serving thousands of owners.

ezIQC is the brand name of Gordian’s statewide JOC program in South Carolina. Whenever you see ezIQC, know it refers to the Dorchester County Contract No. 2022-10 In general, ezIQC is the brand name for any of Gordian’s cooperative or shared Job Order Contracts.

Any city, county or local government entity (excluding school districts) in South Carolina can use this contract. Even if this particular JOC program isn’t right for you, Gordian might be able to help you in your construction procurement needs.

South Carolina has been split into seven regions with different general contractors serving each region. For any work under the program, you can select from your region’s awarded contractors.

ezIQC South Carolina Contractor Area Map

The program does not have any impact or create change in the use of Professional Services. All requirements for architectural and engineering services remain the same.

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