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Return on Physical Assets (ROPA)

Make Confident Decisions About Your Physical Assets

Sightlines Return on Physical Assets (ROPA)

Take informed actions that drive your facilities to an ideal future state.

Turn Data Into Facilities Management

Data and Insights for Managing
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With our Return on Physical Assets (ROPA) solution, we’ll work with you to establish an analytical framework for decision-making to be certain your choices are founded on objective data and tied to historical and peer performance. As your trusted long-term partners, we’ll be by your side with decades of industry experience and unbiased perspective to guide you through these critical business decisions.

What’s Your Next Move?

It can be hard to know which choices about your space, capital and operating practices are the right ones for your campus. Our objective data analysis and expertise can help you decide.

The ROPA Decision-Making Framework

Data Collection & Measurement
Data Collection & Measurement

Gordian collects and assembles a holistic set of finance, facilities and infrastructure data to establish a baseline of the current state of your physical campus.

Performance Assessment
Performance Assessment

Assess your current situation and determine how well-positioned you are to address exposures through historical tracking and peer benchmarks.

Analysis & Modeling
Analysis & Modeling

Utilizing experience and data from over 450 institutions, Gordian sheds light on where existing practices will take your campus and explore different approaches to create a better future.

Action Planning
Action Planning

With priorities defined and understood, decisions about your facilities can enable action towards institutional goals and a sustainable future for your campus.

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

As an annual membership service, we’ll measure the impact of actions taken, track progress towards goals and ensure your shared vision continues to serve the mission of your institution.

Establish Clear Communication and Action-Planning Across Your Organization


By defining a common vocabulary around facilities issues and creating alignment on priorities from boiler room to boardroom, our proprietary decision-making framework gives business officers and facilities managers the tools they need to articulate their shared vision for the institution.

“When we have senior administrators and faculty members on our budget advisory group asking, ‘Why are we paying for this instead of that?’, it’s easy to justify our investment practices and priorities with the data and comparative insight we get from Gordian.”

Pamela Elliot Cain  | Senior Vice President for Operations and Finance, Iowa State University

Explore how ROPA can help you make confident decisions by visiting our industry pages:

Move Forward with Confidence

The decisions you make about your physical assets today will shape the future of your organization. Every choice matters. As your advisors and partners, we’ll give you the data-based perspective and context you need make the right choices for your institution.