Space Occupancy and Room Utilization

Finding Negotiation Space on Campus

Space Utilization: Finding Negotiation Space on Campus

The typical classroom is occupied less than 60% of available hours

Maximize Space Occupancy and Room Utilization on Your Campus

Colleges and universities are under more pressure than ever to use campus spaces to their full potential. They face ever-present demands to decrease costs, respond to changing enrollment and evaluate space ownership in a fair and unbiased way. No matter how much space is on a campus, it is difficult for stakeholders to find common ground.

Using independent third-party data and a thorough assessment of your teaching spaces, Sightlines Space Utilization offers the tools that will help you optimize the use of existing assets to avoid unnecessary costs and provide a foundation for strategic campus growth. Tailored recommendations empower you to make more informed decisions, negotiate fairly around both shared and owned spaces and produce results that satisfy all campus stakeholders.

You need the tools to:

Space Occupancy and Room Utilization

Right-size teaching spaces to better match enrollment demands.

Space Occupancy and Room Utilization

Change the perception of "space ownership" that may be resulting in poor utilization.

Space Occupancy and Room Utilization

Contrast user experiences with statistical data by seeking input from faculty and students.

Space Occupancy and Room Utilization

Understand the cost implications of current and anticipated utilization levels.

Space Occupancy and Room Utilization

Target capital improvements to maximize impact in teaching spaces.

A Trusted Process

1. Assemble the Core Data
We compile a database of scheduled spaces, capacities, interior conditions and technology assets to understand the current state of your school's spaces.
2. Complete an Advanced Data Analysis
Once the data is gathered, we'll provide you a detailed picture of classroom usage and scheduling trends and communicate the financial impact of those trends.
3. Conduct Focus Groups
We give key stakeholders a seat at the table to provide input on space needs and conditions. Deans, faculty, facilities staff--everyone has a voice because space utilization affects the entire campus experience.
4. Provide Actionable Improvement Options
All the information in the world won't matter without an action plan. We'll deliver independent recommendations for improvement to help you reach the outcomes you desire.

The Entire School Wins

Space Utilization Entire School Wins

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