Canadian Procurement Expert Maureen Sullivan Discusses Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Canadian Procurement Expert Maureen Sullivan Discusses Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Canadian procurement officials would be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable resource than Maureen Sullivan. A lawyer, published author and trainer of hundreds of public procurement professionals in Canada, she knows the industry inside and out. In this video, she explains why Job Order Contracting (JOC) may be the game-changing procurement innovation public-sector organizations have been looking for, particularly for completing routine, operational projects that often go overlooked.

In Maureen’s professional opinion, JOC’s utility for the Canadian public sector comes from three unique features: verified and transparent construction cost data, contractor partnerships and accessibility via cooperative purchasing organizations.

Hear Maureen and other Canadian public sector leaders discuss the advantages of Job Order Contracting in this on demand webcast.

Shared, Reliable Cost Data

Under a Gordian Job Order Contracting program, costs for construction work – material, labor, equipment and sometimes even demolition – are researched and verified by our team of cost engineers and construction experts. These costs are published in a Unit Price Book we call the Construction Task Catalog® (CTC) and shared with all project stakeholders.

The CTC is the backbone of a Gordian JOC program. Owners use it to budget for projects and contractors use it to bid on the contract. Available via a secure software platform, these local costs ensure transparency and predictability for all involved.

“My values have always included ensuring that public procurement professionals are conducting procurement activities in a way that is compliant with our laws while also incorporating best practices that emerge. From my review, JOC is aligned with these principles,” Maureen says about the value of using transparent cost data.

Gordian’s CTC offers the extra benefit of eliminating lengthy and contentious price negotiations. With cost concerns off the table, the entire team can focus on doing great work.

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Contractor Benefits

The relationship between construction contractors and project owners is often tenuous. JOC changes that paradigm. According to a report published by NIGP, Job Order Contracting enhances communication between contractors and owners, decreases predatory behaviors and builds trust.

Part of the reason for that is JOC is a program, not a project. As such, contractors have the potential to create a steady stream of income by doing work that meets owner expectations for quality and timeliness. And because this potential income stream is created from a single solicitation, contractors can spend more time building and less time bidding, saving them valuable time.

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Availability Via Cooperatives

“Because of its complexity, construction services procurement has traditionally not been included in cooperative purchasing offerings for government,” Maureen explains. “It’s exciting to see that changing with the emergence of JOC in Canada.”

Public procurement teams turn to co-ops to pool their purchasing power and access established contracts with qualified suppliers. But they mostly do so for commodities. Accessing JOC via their preferred co-ops enables Canadian public procurement leaders to get the same value for operational construction projects. With the help and oversight of Gordian and their local co-op, they can rest assured they will pay a fair price for excellent work.

Hear more of Maureen’s insights into Canadian public procurement and the value of accessing JOC via cooperatives in this upcoming webcast.

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