Construction Data and Insights Resource Hub

Construction Data and Insights Resource Hub

Executives, managers and operators trust Gordian’s insights more than any other construction data provider in the industry. In fact, more new construction, upgrades and maintenance projects are fueled by our insights than all other providers combined.

In an effort to continue helping organizations budget, build and maintain their capital-intensive building assets, our data experts continually analyze cost trends for prominent construction materials. Built on the 30,000 hours of research Gordian conducts every year, these trend breakdowns will aid organizations in making better decisions, running better projects and delivering better outcomes for their clients and communities.

Access this collection of insights to understand how costs are trending so you can maximize your resources and stay ahead of the curve.

Topics include:

  • Analysis of cost fluctuations for copper wire, lumber, insulation, steel and more vital construction materials
  • Macro-level cost changes from Gordian’s RSMeans Data construction cost database
  • Discussion of the impacts of cost changes on all phases of the building lifecycle