Bridging Design and Construction Using RSMeans data

Bridging Design and Construction Using RSMeans data

Data trusted by three generations

Inspiring confidence for clients

Establishing credibility in the market

For over 80 years, architecture, engineering and construction firms in North America have counted on RSMeans data’s reliable construction costs to get projects done. For evidence of this, look no further than Stuart Peaslee, RA, AIA and his family. For three generations, Peaslee’s family has trusted RSMeans data to design, estimate and build projects.

Finding a Niche

Growing up with a grandfather who was a builder and a father who was an estimator, Peaslee was naturally interested in the construction industry. He began his career as a tradesman before returning to school and earning his degree in architecture. After graduation, Peaslee worked for an architecture firm in New York City to challenge himself and gain experience. While working at this firm, Peaslee explored how he could use his expertise to carve out his niche in the market. In 1994, he chose to start a design-build firm, cutting his teeth on small design-build projects.

“When you have a reliable resource like RSMeans data, you have more integrity. Otherwise, you’re just throwing numbers around.”

Building Credibility With Data

Stuart consulted with his father, and they agreed that having reliable cost data is crucial for architects during the design phase. Knowing this, and having experience using RSMeans data, Peaslee saw an opportunity. He used his expertise, backed by RSMeans data, to provide cost transparency to clients early in the design process. This gives his clients the confidence to make informed decisions about their projects.

“We’re either going forward or not wasting everybody’s time. That is the real value – it’s about credibility,” Peaslee says.

Stuart trusts the reputation, accuracy, and integrity of RSMeans data. And when he presents cost estimates backed by accurate, localized data, he can set a clear expectation of what a project might cost.

Providing Transparency in the Design Process

After years of using physical cost books, Peaslee now uses RSMeans Data Online. He made the switch to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, but moving to the cloud-based platform has made him more efficient. With RSMeans Data Online, tasks that used to take several minutes using a physical book can be done in seconds. Peaslee can quickly estimate building costs using pre-built square foot models that factor in materials, labor and equipment to estimate the total cost of construction per square foot, localized to his clients. He can also access the database of over 92,000 unit line items from anywhere to provide accurate estimates in less time than before, enabling him to win and keep more clients.

To give his clients the confidence they need to make informed decisions, Stuart Peaslee trusts the cost data solution with an 80 year reputation for providing detailed and reliable costs. And with RSMeans data by his side, third generation customer Stuart Peaslee has leveraged his decades of expertise in design and construction to uphold his firm’s most important value – integrity.