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Bid Safe

A reliable, transparent process to bid and award projects

  • Enjoy safe and secure tracking
  • Ensure a convenient and competitive bidding
  • Experience a transparent process
  • Leverage our experience and unbiased expertise
  • Know that the prices are the fairest in the industry

With Bid Safe, we help you develop a secure, fair, bias-free and competitive procurement process for your substantial repair, renovation and straightforward new construction projects. When you implement the Bid Safe process, we’ll help you manage and award bids through a prequalified pool of Job Order Contract contractors. Bid Safe is unique for owners and contractors alike because it gives both parties control over their part of the process. From the bidding, scope, addendums and everything in between, there are set due dates and agreed upon schedules that cannot be manipulated or changed by either party. Additionally, contractors are unable to quote one price to win the bid and another to do the work. Every piece of the process is preset and prepriced right from the beginning, creating a seamless and dispute-free working environment throughout the entire project lifecycle.


Current local pricing

Using our Construction Task Catalog, your contractors will submit a price proposal using our local, previously agreed upon industry standard prices. The Construction Task Catalog, a dataset of labor, material and equipment costs is customized to fit your program’s needs and tailored to include tasks and materials required for your specific projects. Our database of 275,000 construction tasks – the largest of its kind in existence – is accompanied by a matching set of robust technical specifications for each task. The cost of construction is established by the preset unit prices in the Construction Task Catalog that have been localized to your specific area, giving you the most competitive price for each piece of the project.


Facility Managers and Contractors

Let our team help guide you through a successful Bid Safe program. With Bid Safe, you’ll be able to manage and track your entire project using a seamless, transparent process that prevents any collusion or price fixing for a trustworthy and reliable bidding environment. We have decades of experience developing, implementing and supporting turnkey Job Order Contracting programs, which is the foundation of any successful Bid Safe process. Our experts have a deep knowledge of not only the construction industry but also the construction procurement process and we can help with everything from project identification, to scope, price proposal reviews and all manner of construction management services.

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