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Tools to Build and Manage Healthy Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Water and sewer infrastructures are foundational to communities and the building blocks of any society. Distributing clean, safe drinking water, collecting sanitary sewer effluent and diverting storm water runoff are the tenets of protecting public safety and health. It’s vital that these facilities stay online. That’s why Gordian helps water and wastewater authorities maintain safe, reliable assets for their communities.

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure 1

Maximize Infrastructure Funding

Aging water and sewer infrastructure is often out of sight out of mind, making it difficult to justify investing in it. Gordian enables water and wastewater professionals to maximize their budgets by providing accurate and timely cost data.

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure 2

Improve Quality and Resilience

A common root cause of premature infrastructure failure is selecting the wrong materials or not following construction best practices. Gordian empowers public works departments to overcome these challenges by delivering critical data, innovative technology, and extraordinary services.

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure 3

Protect the Environment

Starting with sustainability in mind is key to protecting the world’s most precious resource, water. Fortunately, Gordian embraces LEED specifications and has extensive experience helping our clients procure and provision sustainable construction projects and services.

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