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Tools to Build and Manage Healthy Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Water and sewer infrastructures are foundational to communities and the building blocks of any society. Distributing clean, safe drinking water, collecting sanitary sewer effluent and diverting storm water runoff are the tenets of protecting public safety and health. It’s vital that these facilities stay online. That’s why Gordian helps water and wastewater authorities maintain safe, reliable assets for their communities.

For the ninth straight year, water professionals ranked aging water infrastructure and the ability to pay for renewal and replacement as the sector’s most pressing challenges.

American Water Works Association, State of the Water Industry, 2021

Maximize Infrastructure Funding

Maximize Infrastructure Funding

Aging water and sewer infrastructure is often out of sight out of mind, making it difficult to justify investing in it. Gordian enables water and wastewater professionals to maximize their budgets by providing accurate and timely cost data.

Improve Quality and Resilience

Improve Quality and Resilience

A common root cause of premature infrastructure failure is selecting the wrong materials or not following construction best practices. Gordian empowers public works departments to overcome these challenges by delivering critical data, innovative technology, and extraordinary services.

Protect the Environment

Protect the Environment

Starting with sustainability in mind is key to protecting the world’s most precious resource, water. Fortunately, Gordian embraces LEED specifications and has extensive experience helping our clients procure and provision sustainable construction projects and services.

Gordian has 30+ years of experience establishing construction procurement programs across North America, and every year, agencies trust us with over $3.2 billion in construction work. Our end-to-end program support enables our clients to make the best use of their resources and finish more projects.

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With over 30,000 hours spent annually researching and validating costs for construction materials, labor and equipment, you can rely on Gordian’s expertise to help you create the most accurate construction estimates possible.

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Gordian’s extensive suite of facilities planning solutions gives you all the objective data, intuitive software and trusted expertise you need to strategically manage your building portfolio. Whether you need to build a data-supported budget, gain insight into the true conditions of your facilities or forecast maintenance needs, Gordian can help you take informed, decisive action to build a sustainable future.

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“Our industry did their job too well in the early days. The infrastructure was built with pride and was expected to serve for a hundred years. Once buried, those assets were virtually forgotten.”

David Totman | Asset Manager, Colorado Springs Utilities

Complete High Quality Renovations, Repairs and Maintenance Work Faster

Let’s talk about how Gordian can help you provide safe and reliable water and wastewater infrastructure for your community by making the construction procurement process faster and more transparent.