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Contracting for Trust: Procurement Procedures in Government

Contracting for Trust: Procurement Procedures in Government

Public trust is a key tenet of government. Procurement procedures in government that are shady or unclear can erode public trust and can increase risk of audit for government agencies. When state and local governments use taxpayer funding for construction projects, it is critical that community stakeholders understand clearly how that money is being spent.

This free eBook examines the role of transparency and auditability in government procurement procedures. Download it for an exploration of pain points and challenges in construction delivery methods; an examination of the importance of reporting structures for federally-funded projects, including increased regulations and compliance requirements; and a discussion of the role of transparency in maintaining public trust in government. Plus, you will read use cases that highlight the importance of transparent and auditable construction procurement procedures in government.

Because public trust is key to building a better tomorrow.

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