Innovative solutions from the ground up

Our deep understanding of your challenges allows us to offer precise data that evolves as the industry evolves. Combined with our cutting-edge software and hundreds of experts all over the country, Gordian has the tools you need to build an efficient, cost effective and streamlined project.

The Building Lifecycle

At Gordian, it’s our belief that the success of your project starts with having the most precise data coupled with the most appropriate solution and run by the team that specializes in the piece of the construction lifecycle that pertains specifically to your business. From planning to design, procurement, construction and operations, our leading industry data, unparalleled team of experts and extensive project experience make us uniquely qualified to help our wide array of clients that includes contractors, architects, engineers, educational institution stakeholders, and facility owners and managers in nearly every industry.

Gordian for planning

When you engage Gordian for Planning, we’ll give you a team that uses benchmarking and comparisons to help you understand how your facility parallels others, can easily budget and schedule your project, identifies what needs to be accomplished for the facility to function, and will prioritize the work to be done. We’ll gather data, identify your needs, help you set realistic goals, and also help you get funding approvals from your board or university stakeholders. With planning, our team from Sightlines, a Gordian company, will initiate a campus visit and then gather all of the intelligence data necessary to present a comprehensive case for funding to your university stakeholders.

Facilities Planning with Sightlines

  • Use benchmarking to align strategies
  • Conduct a facilities assessment and capital plan
  • Empower your sustainability officer
  • Forecast upcoming facilities needs


Gordian for design

We created the Gordian for Design lifecycle stage for architects, engineers, and contractors who need accurate budgets, estimates and scheduling for their projects. Our online estimating solution with Gordian’s RSMeans data helps to build estimates quickly and easily by choosing the right tasks and entering the right quantities − the tool does all of the work.

When you use Gordian’s RSMeans data to drive your decisions, you’ll receive the most accurate and up-to-date cost estimating information for both new building construction and renovation projects. We’ll keep track of costs for you, along with a wide range of other key information, including productivity rates, crew composition, and contractor’s overhead and profit rates. Instantly access all of your industry data, already formatted in an easy to digest format, anytime, anywhere. In addition to our collection of annual construction cost data books, and electronic cost databases and software, we also offer professional development training and seminars for construction estimating and facilities management, reference books, and enterprise solutions.

RSMeans Data & Services

  • Improve cost estimating accuracy
  • Prioritize and budget lifecycle maintenance costs
  • Customize the data for your project
  • Access the data in four convenient formats


Gordian for Procurement

When you engage Gordian for Procurement, we’ll help you secure the contractors you need on repairs, renovations and alternations, or new small construction. Procurement can be a lengthy and costly process and there is always the challenge there might be a staff shortage, time constraints or unavoidable issues that arise in meeting the legalities and complexities of procurement. At Gordian, we want our owners to have the most streamlined and efficient Job Order Contracting solution in place for any project. Whether it’s repairs, renovations, upgrades or new construction, our system provides access to readily available contractors able to complete a substantial number of projects with one, competitively bid contract. No more bidding each project separately. By bidding one Job Order Contract, you can begin construction faster, achieve higher quality construction and save money.

Job Order Contracting

  • Expedite and simplify the construction procurement process
  • Add transparency and control
  • Ease administrative burdens
  • Gain access to readily available contractors



  • Save time and money
  • Increase control
  • Price proposal accuracy
  • Immediate response times


Gordian for Construction

When you use Gordian for Construction for your capital construction projects, we’ll help you set expectations upfront to avoid having to negotiate when something changes on the project. We know that on any capital project you have one goal in mind: deliver a beautifully planned and executed project on time and on budget. But the best-laid plans often encounter unexpected issues and challenges. The last thing any owner, contractor or administrator wants is to waste money or time, which is why we created a system for change orders. Change orders can account for millions of dollars and can result in delays, disputes, cost increases and other unexpected expenses. With the right solution, you can alleviate the stress that comes with managing capital projects.

Change Order Management

  • Know pre-pricing for change orders
  • Control costs on capital projects
  • Maximize scope management
  • Streamline the admin process for change orders


Gordian for Operations

Gordian for Operations solutions help owners, managers and maintenance teams keep up with regular maintenance and repairs, equipment upkeep and estimate future costs. Our Life Cycle Costing solution helps you understand what your costs will be 30 years into the future so you can budget accordingly. Without proper budgeting for repairs, regular maintenance and repairs begin to get backed up and then result in even more expensive repairs. Maintenance, Repair and Operations will help you get your work done more quickly, while controlling costs, which will allow you to start repairs in a timely manner and get everything done quickly and easily.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations

  • Enjoy price certainty on repairs and maintenance
  • Prioritize projects by urgency
  • Track and manage projects with ease
  • Tackle deferred maintenance lists


Life Cycle Costing

  • Gauge installed and long-term facility costs
  • Prioritize maintenance with custom dashboards
  • Apply budget oversight
  • Improve building performance