Building Lifecycle Solutions

Data, software and expertise for capital planning, construction cost estimating and procurement.


Plan for the Near Term and the Long Haul

Building and operating a functional facility depends on smart planning. Our planning solutions help you develop strategies to manage your physical assets and get the most from your operating and capital budgets. Comprehensive data and analysis provides the insight needed to create a prioritized, actionable improvement plan.

Sightlines Benchmarking & Analysis

Sightlines Benchmarking & Analysis provides the data, contextual understanding and strategic recommendations needed to steward your facilities most effectively. We partner with you to develop an analytical framework and dialogue with stakeholders that aligns space, capital and operational needs, helping ensure your facilities investments best serve your community.

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Sightlines Assessment & Planning

Sightlines Assessment & Planning elevates the traditional Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) beyond a technically-focused list of deficiencies. We partner with you and key stakeholders to create an actionable, long-term capital plan that strengthens the business case for facilities reinvestment and aligns project selection with goals and financial realities.

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RSMeans data

Use RSMeans data from Gordian to plan your project budgets with accurate prices and insights. And with our predictive cost data, you can view construction costs up to three years in the future, allowing you to select the right time and place to build. RSMeans data is available in a variety of formats, providing you with the accurate, localized cost data to plan effectively.

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Space Utilization

Optimize classroom space to avoid unnecessary costs and lay a foundation for strategic campus growth. Make more informed decisions, negotiate spaces fairly and produce results that satisfy all key stakeholders using recommendations tailored to your campus needs. Right-size classrooms to match enrollment and target capital improvements for maximum impact.

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Campus Sustainability

Design and implement campus enhancements that nurture a culture of environmental responsibility. Quantify your performance and benchmark your sustainability efforts against your peers and leading institutions. Meet environmental institution reporting requirements and make strategic recommendations that align sustainability, facilities and business objectives.

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Integrated Facilities Planning

A dynamic set of data, analytical tools, contextual benchmarks and ongoing strategic support to help small campuses make the most of their resources. Have an integrated view of campus needs and a data-driven framework to identify tactical opportunities and align facilities investments with your institution’s financial landscape and mission.

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Tools for Innovative Designs that Align with Budgets

Creating accurate budget and designs are vital to a project’s success. There is simply no substitute for a detailed estimate. RSMeans data from Gordian is North America’s leading construction cost database with accurate materials, labor and equipment costs localized to more than 970 locations.

RSMeans data from Gordian

Create data-driven designs that maximize your budget and exceed client expectations with RSMeans data. The database of more than 85,000 equipment, labor and material costs helps substantiate prices for new jobs and offer options for value engineering. RSMeans data includes predictive costs that account for real market conditions to manage the budget during the design phase and beyond.

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e4Clicks Project Estimator

Quick access to full line item descriptions, notes, takeoffs, pricing info and more. In addition to software developed by estimators, you’ll possess industry-leading RSMeans data and the power to directly populate government forms. Create accurate budgets all while keeping contracts and documents organized in one, easy-to-use platform.

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Cost Map

Automate the cost estimation process for water utilities with a web-based solution that integrates RSMeans data from Gordian with the ArcGIS platform. Calculate the cost of buying new assets or repairing your current assets in just three clicks without time-consuming manual cross-references. Find localized labor, material, equipment and trenching costs and perform what-if scenarios.

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Streamlined Approaches to Construction Procurement

Construction procurement can be a long and costly process. But it doesn’t have to be. Our Job Order Contracting (JOC) solutions help you competitively contract repairs, renovations and straightforward new construction faster and easier than with traditional procurement methods. With streamlined workflow tools, you can begin work faster without compromising quality, all while saving money.


Leverage the efficiencies of JOC through cooperative purchasing networks. ezIQC allows you to start immediately on a variety of facility and infrastructure projects using one competitively-awarded contract. Volume discounts allow schools, healthcare facilities and government agencies to maximize their resources and ensure project efficiency by working with experienced field personnel who will guide you every step of the way.

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Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Complete more repairs, renovations and straightforward new construction projects with an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) project delivery method that enables fast access to qualified contractors. JOC removes the hassle of traditional procurement by using one competitively-awarded contract for a variety of projects. Unit prices are set in a Construction Task Catalog® with more than 275,000 line items, allowing facility owners to control costs, eliminate change order negotiations and form partnerships with awarded contractors.

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Job Order Contracting (JOC) Federal

Implement and manage IDIQ contracting programs like JOC, SATOC or SABER at Federal agencies and the DoD. Access a procurement-specific version of our industry-standard RSMeans data through a web-based software platform with tools for core estimating, proposal creation, task order development and contract and program management with reporting.

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Bid Safe

Develop a secure and competitive construction procurement process for large projects with Bid Safe. Owners and contractors control and track their part of the process from bidding, scope, addendums and everything in between. All job order prices are preset using a Construction Task Catalog® of more than 275,000 construction tasks, creating a seamless and cooperative working environment.

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Making Construction Projects More Efficient

Both contractors and owners want to deliver new construction projects on-time and on-budget with no disruptions. But even the best-laid plans face unexpected challenges that can cause delays. By establishing a transparent and audit-proof process upfront, you can manage change orders easily without losing time or money.

Change Order Management

Manage capital project change orders with a comprehensive construction database of associated costs, proprietary industry-leading software and expertise. Establish firm unit costs and change order workflows to simplify the change order process, reduce administrative efforts and avoid delays.

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Contract Administration

Easily monitor and report on your construction contracts to keep your projects on course. This responsive, cloud-based web application provides change order tracking, documents and contracts storage and customized user permissions. Streamline project lifecycle management by tracking details like key milestones, payments, compliance goals and audit trails.
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Optimize the Lifespan of Your Facilities

As much planning needs to go into maintaining a facility as went into building it. Proper budgeting for ongoing upkeep and repairs provides managers and maintenance professionals price certainty and ensures the building is in as good a shape in year 30 as it was on day one. With a realistic budget in place, operations staff can optimize their efforts.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Budget and schedule regular maintenance, repairs and operations for your facility. Control costs, review price proposals, procure a contractor and begin work in a quick and timely manner with a unit-price book that includes local, competitive pricing for your specific maintenance needs. Access an online portal to manage the program so routine facility tasks don’t fall behind.

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RSMeans data from Gordian

Make the most informed decisions for your projects with the Life Cycle Costing feature in RSMeans Data Online. You’ll have the tools and customized data you need to accurately gauge the total cost of facility ownership. With the most comprehensive construction cost database at your fingertips, you’ll easily identify cost-saving opportunities and ways to improve building performance and lifespan.

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