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Employees Volunteer: Taking Time Off to Give Back

April is dedicated to honoring volunteers in our communities as well as encouraging volunteerism throughout the year. In 2018, companies are not only expected to acknowledge social challenges but to actively invest in benefiting causes that matter to their employees, clients and communities. Across the nation, Gordian has made a concerted effort to maintain corporate social responsibility initiatives as the company grows and becomes more diverse. With the increasing need to harness the power of cultural diversity and encourage responsible action across the organization, Gordian’s Employee Volunteer Program was initiated in 2016. The program includes an optional fully paid day off to give back to the communities where employees work and live.

Each Gordian employee is empowered to advance a local or national cause, a widely embraced responsibility. In 2017, more than 25 percent of Gordian employees used their paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO), collectively dedicating nearly 950 hours to community service. Employees choose a project with a group or agency that holds personal significance. This not only helps develop employee character traits and valued behaviors, but also promotes the company’s strong, diverse culture.

To celebrate National Volunteer Month, Gordian recognizes a few team members who are making a positive difference in their communities.

“Every year I participate in a number of volunteer events ranging from Salvation Army to Wounded Warriors, but my favorite volunteer effort is to pair with my son who is a Life Scout. As part of my participation, I chair the annual Troop 13 Spaghetti Feed. We partner with the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post to put on quite an event. In 2017 we added a silent auction. This year we’ll come up with something even more awesome. I can’t wait!”

Laura Albright
Specialist, Development & Implementation

Employees Volunteer: Taking Time Off to Give Back 1
2017 Genesee Valley Rotary Camp

“I spent my 2017 volunteer time off at Genesee Valley Rotary Camp (GVRC), a one-week summer camp for young people (ages 8 – 21) with various disabilities. The camp runs every summer during August and is located in the beautifully rustic setting of Camp Sam Wood in Pike, NY. GVRC services approximately 100 campers and employs about 60 staff members each summer. Witnessing the day to day challenges these campers overcome all with a smile on their face has brought me back every year since 2004. This quote from a counselor sums it up ‘if you knew when a miracle was going to happen, wouldn’t you want to be there?’”

Russell Stiles

Account Manager, Northeast Region


“In 2017, I used my VTO to chaperone my daughters’ Girl Scout camporee. I spent that Friday packing up the troop gear, rounding up the scouts from school, driving to the mountains and setting up camp. It was a great weekend! And we experienced a once in a lifetime surprise: a mass hot air balloon takeoff from the neighboring fields.In 2018, I used my VTO day to speak to the AP/Honors students at Interboro High School. In the morning, I spoke about my career in STEM. Then, in the afternoon hosted a round table to discuss the realities women face in male-dominated fields. The students asked fantastic questions and I was able to arrange shadowing opportunities for several of the young women.”

Heather Finnegan
Product Manager, Facilities Planning

Girl Scout camporee hot air balloon

In addition to promoting individual volunteerism, Gordian has a corporate partnership with Habitat for Humanity and organizes builds across the country. The various regional offices also participate in other activities, such as blood drives, canned food drives and adopting families near the holidays.

Employees Volunteer: Taking Time Off to Give Back 2
Gordian California Team members on a Habitat for Humanity build.

Gordian relies on each team member to create a humble and accountable culture and is proud to have so many employees offer their time and energy to make better communities. Thank you to each and every volunteer and volunteer organization striving to make a positive difference.