30 Years of Building Extraordinary Teams

May 31, 2020, officially marks Gordian’s 30th trip around the sun. While this may be the most challenging and unexpected of voyages in our three decades, we have many reasons to celebrate. Each and every day, our extraordinary teams have the privilege of helping our clients better serve the communities where we live and work.

All of our journeys into America’s schools and hospitals and halls of government have allowed us to grow and expand our products and services to solve our clients’ complex business, facilities and infrastructure challenges. Our people have made this adventure possible and continue to fuel our mission. And so, in the words of Gordian’s President Bill Pollak, “We’re also celebrating 30 years of hiring talented people and creating extraordinary teams. Our people are essential to our success and to the success of our customers.”


Extraordinary, Customer-Obsessed Teams + Innovative Solutions = Happy Clients

Fortunately, we have hired a lot of customer-obsessed people that are not satisfied with mere satisfaction. Many of our teams are great at math and complex algorithms and formulas. But our most used equation is to continuously add value. Gordian’s Chief Product Officer & General Manager of Federal Solutions, Noam Reininger likes to call this commitment, “our journey to maximize customer impact and delight.”

Gordian thrives on a culture of continuous improvement. Part of progress is always continuing education and professional development. Beginning with onboarding and through each phase of a Gordianites’ career learning and development is a major focus. Whether it’s through Gordian-led initiatives, Harvard Business School classes, Fortive Business Systems tools or other resources, there is always a focus on giving team members opportunities to grow and advance.

COVID-19 Closed Our Offices, But Our Business Hours Remain the Same

Closing the offices and adjusting to a completely remote workforce was not easy. But our extraordinary teams continue to make progress and take these challenges on together, even apart.

Bill says, “I’m so lucky to work with people who are incredibly smart, incredibly passionate, great senses of humor. I have a lot of fun working at Gordian.” We’ve built 30 years with passion for the work, smiles even on the hardest days and a culture of accountability without accusation. Gordianites, thank you for 30 great years. Cheers to more wonderful clients, helping more communities and enjoying more journeys around the sun.


About Gordian

Gordian is the leader in facility and construction cost data, software and services for all phases of the building lifecycle. A pioneer of Job Order Contracting, Gordian’s solutions also include proprietary RSMeans data construction costs and Sightlines Facility Intelligence Solutions. From planning to design, to procurement, construction and operations, Gordian’s solutions help clients maximize efficiency, optimize cost savings and increase building quality.