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Military Appreciation at Gordian: Highlighting Our Veterans

Americans are very familiar with Memorial Day – a day to remember and honor those we have lost in service. But did you also know May is Military Appreciation Month in the United States? It has several days of its own to celebrate and commemorate those who have served, including May 1 – Loyalty Day, a day to recognize our freedom and remember how we got here and May 20 – Armed Forces Day, a day to recognize those who are currently serving.

Gordian was Founded Through Military Appreciation

Our founder, Harry H. Mellon, was in the military when he pioneered the idea of JOC – the foundation of Gordian and what continues to make us the leader in our industry.

Harry H. Mellon worked for NATO at SHAPE in Belgium.
Lieutenant Colonel Harry H. Mellon worked as the Chief Engineer for NATO at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Belgium.

Today, we not only serve the military with various Gordian solutions, we also have the honor of working with several employees who served and are serving in the military. Gordian recognizes and celebrates the service and dedication of these great individuals. Watch the video below to hear directly from some of our military Veterans as they talk about their military service, why they joined and how their service has helped shape who they are today.

Military Appreciation at Gordian: Highlighting Our Veterans 1
Meet Some of Our Military Veterans and Service Members

David Haas joined Gordian in 2017 and is currently a member of our Cloud Operations Team. While in the military, he maintained all the systems that allow the F-16 to fly and perform as it does today. After serving for 20 years, David cherishes his time in the military and saw it as an opportunity to “serve our country with such amazing people.” He compares his time in the military with a “tight-knit family” to the relationships he has built at Gordian. When David isn’t working as a Senior Cloud Operations Engineer with us, he spends his time with the American Legion Riders – an organization dedicated to veterans and their positive contribution to society.

David Haas, F-16 Avionics Technician, Desert Shield/Storm, U.S. Air Force, 20 years of service
David Haas | F-16 Avionics Technician | Desert Shield/Storm | U.S. Air Force | 20 years of service

Steve Odell grew up in a military family and knew from a young age he also wanted to serve. He joined the Army after graduating high school, and while he is now Manager, Business Analytics with Gordian, he is still in the military as a trumpet player in the Army Reserve Rock Band. “It’s truly been an honor to serve my country as a member of the armed services.”

Steve Odell is part of the Army Reserve Rock Band called “Rip Chord."
Steve Odell is part of the Army Reserve Rock Band called “Rip Chord.”

John Castillo, Senior Account Manager, said he enlisted because, “It seemed like the right thing to do.” At the core of our military lies that common theme, a desire to do the right thing through selfless sacrifice and to make a real difference that reverberates across the country. John Castillo said, “I appreciate the guts and discipline that is instilled in every soldier to protect this country. Most people don’t know the feeling when it’s time to protect. It’s a sense of pride, courage and payback along with a little fear of the unknown.”

Military Appreciation at Gordian: Highlighting Our Veterans 2
John Castillo | Infantry, 11 Charlie/11 Bravo | Service in Saudi Arabia and Somalia | U.S. Army | 8 years of service
Military Appreciation at Gordian: Highlighting Our Veterans 3
Louis Patin | Air Force | Served 1986-1992

Louis Patin’s outgoing personality stands out in a room and demands your attention, probably a necessary trait being the baby in a house with four older siblings. Patin is also a stand-out in our organization, working his way from a Senior Account Manager to leading his regional team and now serving as the Vice President of Procurement Channel Partners. What some colleagues may not know is that Patin is a military veteran from a family of service members.

Louis says, “What I appreciated most about serving in the military was the camaraderie and the friends I made along the way. It was very important to all of us to honor the commitment we signed up for and to follow through with whatever was asked of us without hesitation. It didn’t matter where we came from or how we had lived prior to being in the service. Once we took that oath, we were family and that was all that mattered.”

Our military service members should be celebrated for their willingness to serve and sacrifice for our freedoms. Thank you, to all of our military veterans for your service to our country and your continued service to our customers. We’re honored to have each one of them as a part of our team at Gordian. If you’re interested in joining our great team, visit our careers center to discover open opportunities.

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