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Do More with Less: Overcoming 3 Common Challenges in Local Government

Do More with Less: Overcoming 3 Common Challenges in Local Government

The challenge to do more with less is one that has plagued city and county officials for years. Attracting and retaining talent to replenish an aging workforce, dealing with stagnant budgets and meeting the ever-changing lifestyle demands of a city’s residents can make “doing more with less” an insurmountable task. These issues negatively impact city and county facilities and infrastructure. This webinar will explore three common challenges faced by those in city and county government—a diminishing workforce, fiscal health and attracting millennials to the area—and present straightforward and innovative ways to supplement the workforce, invest in new talent and engage with young people to improve the community and local infrastructure.

Attendees will learn:

  • How diminishing budgets are impacting infrastructure.
  • Ways to supplement the workforce by relying on third parties and attracting new talent.
  • How to become more efficient/effective with the same or a decreased budget.
  • How attracting millennials to the area will impact the economy, workforce and local municipal framework.


Michael Keeting

Government Product News

Jim Buston

Assistant City Director/CIO
City or Auburn, AL

Dan Cook

Director of Operations, Southeast
The Gordian Group

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