The Right Facilities Choices to Serve Students’ Needs

Regional Public Institutions bring personal, accessible and practical university experiences to local communities. That means making sure campus facilities are prepared to accommodate a large range of shifting educational needs, especially during these difficult times. Gordian partners with you to measure facilities performance, assess facilities needs and make confident, data-driven decisions around growing, reducing or renewing campus spaces. So you can drive meaningful outcomes for the community you serve.

At regional public institutions, the mission is focused on providing access to higher education for students in their community. Recruiting power is closely aligned with offered programs and attendance costs. By making investments focused on improving the most desirable programs, while also reducing operational costs, you can offer great programs at an affordable price.

Budget cuts require tradeoffs. With the right data, applied in an effective decision-making framework, leaders can understand the tradeoffs they are weighing, determine the likely implications of those decisions and ensure the choices made align with the long-term priorities of the institution.

Combining a scheduling analysis with facilities intelligence creates clarity regarding areas that could accommodate more students. This analysis will also educate leaders on the costs associated with adding or removing spaces and help illustrate how the physical facilities can be an asset to be maximized rather than an expense to be minimized.

These difficult times provide an opportunity to realign customer expectations of service levels, using the current need to reduce operational costs while also getting buy in from your customers. You can continue or reevaluate these realigned expectations when your school returns to a more predictable state.


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