Preparing Your Facilities for the Unexpected

Preparing Your Facilities for the Unexpected

When natural disasters and emergency situations strike, medical teams shine by caring for those affected. But when healthcare facilities are damaged or ineffective, the ability to provide care to patients suffers. Ensuring your facilities are prepared for emergencies, resilient enough to withstand them and able to recover quickly is paramount.

Comprehensive facilities condition assessments (FCA) that go beyond traditional hazardous vulnerability analyses (HVA) are superior tools for identifying risks to your facilities. Once those risks have been identified, it’s essential to have a reliable, flexible procurement plan in place – one that can guarantee access to quality contractors when emergency repairs are needed.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can identify risks in your healthcare facilities and make them more resilient.


Mark Kenneday, Gordian
Mark Kenneday
Director of Market Strategy and Development - Healthcare