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Job Order Contracting: A Real-World Solution to Real-Life Disasters

Job Order Contracting: A Real-World Solution to Real-Life Disasters

In an emergency situation, every second matters and immediate response is critical. But the circumstances of a severe weather event make rapid response an enormous challenge. Quality contractors are hard to find, repair times increase, prices for equipment and materials are inflated and complex Federal and state compliance rules need to be followed.

Disaster Recovery: Respond Fast When Your Community Needs You Most

Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) addresses emergency construction challenges after a disaster and helps you prepare for the unexpected by:

  • Providing a pool of competitively-awarded, readily-available contractors.
  • Eliminating price gouging.
  • Expediting construction procurement to begin work immediately.
  • Ensuring the detail and transparency typically required for reimbursement.
  • Improving infrastructure resilience by tackling deferred maintenance and installing emergency equipment.

JOC is a real-world solution to real-life disasters. Whether remediating water or wind damage, removing contaminants, cleaning and refinishing surfaces or building your facilities back better than before, Gordian’s Job Order Contracting solutions save you time and money when it’s most critical.