Maintenance Project Completed in 16 Days


Nothing inspires a good, thorough housecleaning like a party. So when it was announced the Dos Rios Water Recycling Center would be hosting a public ceremony to celebrate its 30 years of service, decision makers at Dos Rios knew they would have to spruce the place up a bit. Operated by the San Antonio Water System (SAWS), Dos Rios is the largest direct recycled water system in the nation and the first in the world to produce treated biogas for the natural gas market. With all that water to treat and all those citizens to serve, there was no time to worry about how things look. But now guests were coming to the treatment plant. Work had to be finished by the August celebration, approximately a two-month turnaround.


The limited window to complete the work meant SAWS did not have time to send this project out to bid in the traditional way. Instead, SAWS accessed a Job Order Contracting (JOC) program through BuyBoard, a cooperative purchasing network, using Gordian’s ezIQC® solution. ezIQC helps public agencies start repairs, renovations and simple construction faster by establishing local, competitively awarded contracts with qualified contractors. In the case of the project at Dos Rios, that contractor was SpawGlass. Buying construction services through a co-op allowed Dos Rios to take advantage of volume discounts and use taxpayer dollars effectively.


Work included putting a new coat of paint onto elevated carbon steel air piping. The pipes ranged in size from 12”-48” and totaled 28,800 square feet of surface area. The material inside the pipe is extremely hot, requiring a high-performance, high-temperature coating.

The project moved at lightning speed. SpawGlass began work on July 24 and finished on August 9—a mere 16 days later. They used Carboline Carbocrylic 3359 DTM Waterborne Acrylic paint. A durable, high performance, direct-to-metal acrylic coating for use with extreme heat, this was the perfect product for the pipes project.

The work, though completed quickly, was of the highest quality. No corners were cut; no details were missed. SpawGlass completed the project on time and on budget with no complaints.

View this infographic for a step-by-step look at procuring construction work with ezIQC.