Tampa International Airport Improves Customer Experience


The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority was constructing a new Common Use Self-Service (CUSS) facility at Tampa International Airport. The purpose of this project was to improve the area where travelers check-in, check their bags and receive their tickets—all important parts of the air travel experience. The airport authority worked with contractor Schiff Construction for assistance in completing this project which would culminate with the grand opening of the CUSS.


Schiff Construction was able to come on board and swiftly begin work because the airport authority accessed their services through ezIQC, an alternative to traditional construction procurement. ezIQC allows public entities to buy construction services through cooperative purchasing networks at volume discounts, the same way they buy furniture and office supplies. An important feature of ezIQC is access to local, qualified contractors. This lineup of professionals was especially useful to the airport authority, as officials were able to fast-track work on this time-sensitive project thanks to access to talented contractors via ezIQC.

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Tampa International Airport Improves Customer Experience 2
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Schiff Construction provided and installed ticketing counters, baggage scales, stanchion lines, repacking tables, nine self-service kiosks and the power infrastructure the CUSS needed using ezIQC. The CUSS at Tampa Airport opened on its anticipated date, bringing streamlined travel to thousands of customers.

Watch this video to learn more about ezIQC.