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Determining and Delivering Value: Your Guide to Value Engineering

Determining and Delivering Value: Your Guide to Value Engineering

While the construction industry has yet to settle back into predictable and steady cycles, preconstruction professionals continue to run into issues as they aim to develop innovative, efficient facilities. The market is still seeing material scarcity and price surges, sending budgets through the roof and putting projects on hold.

But value engineering provides solutions to help move your projects along without compromising integrity. Through value engineering, teams can identify unwanted costs, improve the quality of projects and make data-driven decisions to gain the best possible value for the lowest cost.

We’ve put together a comprehensive catalog of resources showing how you can maximize project budget without sacrificing quality, complete with:

  • A closer look into value engineering and how it’s used in construction
  • Real-world examples and applications of value engineering within the industry
  • How to maximize construction project budgets with data-driven designs
  • Tips to safely apply value engineering and how to avoid common risks
  • How to use value engineering without slashing scope of work
  • Additional benefits of value engineering

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