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Gordian Partners With Kinetic GPO, Providing Building Intelligence™ Solutions to Members and Contractors

RFSO Contract Number: 22-06 is now available to Kinetic GPO members.

Gordian, the leading provider of unrivaled insights, robust technology and comprehensive expertise for all phases of the building lifecycle, has been awarded a broader public sector contract for facilities and construction services with Kinetic GPO, a trusted Canadian group purchasing organization. Gordian is awarded RFSO Contract Number: 22-06 to provide data-driven construction procurement and strategic facilities management services for Kinetic GPO members and contractors across Canada. This strategic partnership allows Kinetic members to take advantage of special pricing and pre-negotiated terms for an innovative construction procurement system, construction project execution and strategic facilities management services.

This collaboration grants members seamless access to Gordian’s extensive portfolio of products and services, including Job Order Contracting (JOC). JOC is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) construction delivery method that will enable Kinetic members to get repair, maintenance, renovation and straightforward new construction projects completed through local, competitively-awarded Kinetic supplier contracts that provide pricing transparency on all work performed. This single-solicitation process enables projects to start faster and creates partnerships between project owners and highly qualified local contractors. The process is fully compliant with CETA, CFTA, the Ontario Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive, the New West Partnership Agreement (NWPTA), the Atlantic Trade and Procurement Partnership (ATPP) and other relevant trade legislation. Preset unit pricing ensures cost control and quick movement from scope to construction, and Gordian’s cloud-based software gives you the power to set milestones and keep your project on track.

“Gordian has an office in Woodbridge, Ontario, with employees across Canada who care deeply about the communities in which they work and live. We share Kinetic’s passion for building better communities across Canada and are committed to helping provide safe and reliable public facilities and infrastructure,” said Kris Gorriarán, President of Gordian. “Our dedicated team is excited to offer reliable insights, technology, expertise and personalized support to help Kinetic members define facilities investments and achieve higher levels of construction productivity, increased cost control and transparency.”

Gordian’s strategic facilities management services allow organizations to quickly get the accurate, objective and defensible data needed to understand the current conditions of their facilities to better prioritize facilities budgets and secure funding. Gordian’s assessors help identify assets that can pose risk to public safety and flag those assets to avoid emergency repairs and overtime. By centralizing asset and facility information, Gordian provides forecasting tools to manage and maintain facility condition data more effectively, leveraging that data to optimize budget decisions about maintenance and facility capital planning. 70% of provinces choose Gordian’s VFA Solutions to manage their facilities portfolios.

“Through a competitive sourcing process, Gordian has demonstrated their commitment to helping public sector entities achieve higher levels of construction productivity and increased cost control and transparency. Kinetic GPO is honored to provide a compliant contract for Job Order Contracting (JOC) to our rapidly growing membership base,” said Chris Penny, CEO of Kinetic GPO. “As the creators of JOC, Gordian has a long-standing track record of helping procurement professionals and facilities teams to purchase construction services efficiently and complete high-quality renovations, maintenance projects and repairs faster.”

The full suite of services offered to Kinetic members at enhanced savings includes Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) and Gordian’s VFA Facility Condition Assessments and Capital Planning Software.

Kinetic GPO members can access Gordian Solutions by visiting this dedicated page on gordian.com and submitting a form today.


About Kinetic GPO

Kinetic GPO is a national broader public sector collaborative purchasing organization, established in 2017, whose contracts have been competitively bid in a fair, open, and transparent manner to vendors for commonly purchased products and services including, technology, fleet, office supplies, maintenance, HVAC, roofing, groundskeeping equipment, playground, uniforms, elevators, operations, furniture, EV charging stations, managed print services, and construction consistent with all regional and national trade agreement requirements. Canadian entities that must comply with regional and national trade agreements, such as municipalities, higher education, schools, healthcare, non-profit, and all other public sector entities, use Kinetic GPO contracts to increase their efficiency and economy when procuring goods and services. As a national purchasing cooperative, Kinetic GPO leverages a large pool of purchasing potential and allows entities to receive a combined buying power regardless of the entity’s size. For more information about Kinetic GPO or to become a member, please visit www.kineticgpo.ca.

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