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Efficient Construction Project Delivery

As programs and courses move online, there may be opportunities to repurpose open space. But traditional construction procurement can hinder the speed of change. ezIQC®, an alternative procurement and execution tool, expedites project delivery with shared, competitively-awarded contracts. Available through cooperative purchasing networks and state/local programs, ezIQC eliminates the need to bid every project separately and gives you the power to start projects quickly.

Job Order Contracting for Healthcare Facilities
Campus Space Utilization

Utilization Solutions
and Occupancy Modeling

At a time when budgets are tight, there may be ways to optimize the use of campus space and save on costs. Find strategic opportunities for savings with our Sightlines Space Utilization solution. We’ll help you separate fact from fiction regarding space occupancy, show you the cost impacts of current utilization rates and recommend the scheduling changes necessary to maintain safe physical distancing requirements.

Performance Analytics
and Action Planning

The pressure of our current moment means making decisions without the benefit of a long deliberation. With our Return on Physical Assets (ROPA) solution, we’ll work with you to establish an analytical framework for decision-making to be certain your choices are founded on objective data and tied to historical and peer performance. We’ll be by your side with decades of industry experience and unbiased perspective to guide you through these critical business decisions so you can move forward with confidence.

Facilities Benchmarking and Analysis
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