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Why Agencies Should Migrate to Secure Cloud Platforms

Why Agencies Should Migrate to Secure Cloud Platforms

Despite its prevalence in our daily life, cloud technology can feel like a daunting topic, especially if you’re not an expert. But cloud technology is here to stay, bringing positive impacts across the public sector. These sentiments are reinforced by the federal government’s decade-plus commitment to moving agency operations to cloud-based tools, having recognized moving to the cloud makes services more efficient and reduces stress on the workforce and resources.

So why are some agencies hesitant to officially make the move? One answer is federal cloud security.

In the modern world, threats to data security abound. But there are ways to ensure cloud solutions are safe from outside threats, like the FedRAMP process. Watch this webinar, co-produced with GovLoop, to hear federal government and industry experts discuss why moving to the cloud is imperative for agency success and why federal leaders can be confident in federal cloud security.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Common reasons why agencies might be lagging on their cloud journeys and how to address them.
  • How the FedRAMP process works and why it’s essential to cloud success.
  • Examples of how transitioning to cloud decreases costs, increases productivity and enhances security.

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