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What’s on the Green Horizon for Schools and Universities?

As the trend for green building becomes more prevalent, the education sector has also started to incorporate these elements. Schools and universities are beginning to utilize green building concepts recognizing that not only is green building beneficial to the environment, but it may also lead to improved student performance. 

There are multiple ways in which green building initiatives can be used by institutions in order to improve their overall well-being now and in the future. The use of daylighting in order to decrease the amount of necessary artificial light is both environmentally beneficial in addition to having a positive effect on student performance if designed properly. Renewable energy mechanisms, such as solar panels or windmills, and low flow fixtures can also help provide more affordable alternatives.

Other possible options include prefabrication of buildings that help minimize the amount of waste during the building process. Another benefit of prefabricated construction is the significantly shorter timeline than a traditional construction job. Additionally, LED lighting provides enhanced outdoor visibility, free of toxic chemicals along with a long lifespan.

To learn more about how green building can be beneficial for your school or university, visit http://asumag.com/sustainability-initiatives/green-horizon.