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School Renovates Hallway Over Summer Break With ezIQC®


Dover High School in New Jersey wanted its students to enjoy a more collegiate atmosphere and set out to update its facilities with a look and feel more aligned with a college campus. One high-traffic hallway was especially outdated and needed renovations to meet the school’s new standards. School administrators wanted the work completed over summer break, while students were off-campus. With such a tight timeline, the school needed to start the hallway project as soon as possible.


In order to initiate work quickly, Dover Public Schools got creative with its project delivery. Instead of going through the traditional bidding process, which can take months, the school opted for ezIQC®, a Job Order Contracting solution from Gordian. ezIQC allows for multiple projects to be created using one, competitively bid contract. This eliminates the need to bid each project separately and enables fast access to qualified, local contractors. Available through cooperative purchasing networks, ezIQC allows schools and other public agencies to take advantage of volume discounts—just like they do when buying furniture and supplies. Dover Public Schools accessed ezIQC through the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ). Administrators identified the project in late April and contractor Lighton Industries, Inc. began work in mid-July.

School Renovates Hallway Over Summer Break With ezIQC® 1
School Renovates Hallway Over Summer Break With ezIQC® 2

School Renovates Hallway Over Summer Break With ezIQC® 3


The project included removal of an existing wall and installation of a new one, updating wall tiles and changing ceiling and floor finishes. Additionally, Lighton Industries repainted the hallway and replaced an old water fountain to portray the modern and mature look Dover High School was going for. Thanks to the contractor’s diligence and collaboration between Gordian field personnel and school representatives, the project was completed on the school’s timeline and students were treated to an atmosphere commensurate with a college campus.