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Paths to Campus Enrichment

Offering pathways designed for pedestrians and bikes, greenways are increasingly becoming popular additions in cities across the nation. With colleges and universities competing to recruit students, a campus with a greenway enhances curb appeal and becomes increasingly attractive to potential applicants.

While a traditional greenway in a city connects different neighborhoods and communities, a greenway on campus connects campus buildings and facilities while providing a scenic and relaxing atmosphere.

Prime locations for jogging and walking, the paths can be an extension of a campus’ wellness facilities as an additional avenue for increasing student health. Simple exercise stations, such as pull up bars and monkey bars, can also be placed along the trail to provide further workout selections, or recreation areas, like volleyball and basketball courts, can add additional options for group sport activities and exercise.
Paths to Campus Enrichment 1
A greenway by itself will enhance campus life, but additional expansions on the different paths offer opportunities to further improve the student experience. For example, a garden placed along the path offer opportunities for both quiet meditation and study. On the other end of the spectrum, social spaces scattered throughout the greenway create additional collaboration and meeting areas for students.

Take a conveniently placed BBQ terrace. This simple addition gives students a place to cook and dine, a space to meet with friends and make new ones. Even picnic areas scattered throughout the pathways can go a long way in providing the relaxing atmosphere stressed students so often crave.

Perhaps what is most enticing about a greenway is the versatility it offers. The pathways can be simple or complex. Either way, students and faculty alike will find their lives enriched.

By Kyle Asire Territory Manager, California for Gordian

This article was printed in the March issue of College Planning & Management.